September 9, 2019


Quequen, Necochea


Elder Bradshaw

Elder Ben: Adios Quequen!

[This first part is a quote from my letter to Ben this week] Tell us something fun about Argentina. What is taking a shower like? I honestly remember nothing about showers in Spain. What is trash collection like? I hear that there are people that sort the trash at the curb overnight so that all of the recycling is separated. What food do they have there that just isn’t the same, not how you like it. (Pizza, yogurt, peanut butter...?)

Here in Argentina, the showers have two knobs (cold and hot), and depending on the house, the labels might not mean a thing. Some are always cold, some are bipolar, etc. I've had very good luck with my showers up until now, but we`ll see if that changes soon...After leaving the shower, there`s a squeegie broom to push all the water into the drain in the floor. If you forget to do it, it gets gross.We have basureros here, which are stationary trash cans on the side of the road. (Think of a mailbox, just with a metal bucket on top. That`s a standard basurero.) The garbage guys come and grab all of the bags and throw them in the back of the trash truck. I've seen basureros that are made to look like people. I've seen a basurero with a roof to keep the trash dry. It's an artform for some people here.Food here isn't the same, though sometimes it`s really good. The milk has a different taste, and I can't for the life of me drink a glass of milk without something added (like nesquik powder). Especially in cold weather, some people give us hot milk. The gesture is nice, but for me, it's difficult to stomach. Traslados [transfers]Elder Bradshaw's training has finished, and it's time to pass the mantle. I leave Quequen tonight. I know that I'm not headed to Mar del Plata, but I don't know where I am headed. The other day we said goodbye to Oscar and his family. (They're the ones from the pictures of the asado.) They made us peanut soup (Which was actually super crazy good).We went to Oscar's house on Friday to visit, and at the end he asked us when the temple trip was. "". That was a surprise for him. We then spent a couple of hours making sandwiches and calling members to organize so that he`d be ready. He didn't have a tie, so I gave him mine. At the end of the night we drove with him to the church where the members would be beginning their temple trip. (It's seven hours away). It's good that he asked about the temple trip, because we hadn't realized that he had forgotten. When we asked him about it at church, he told us that it was a really great experience and that he was honored to be able to enter and participate in such a work. That same Sunday, he blessed the sacrament. So many factors are in play that have a positive influence on him, but I still worry that something might happen after I leave.When after eating yesterday, I broke the news to them that I was leaving, Oscar responded that there were other people out there that I would need to help as I had helped him. I felt happy to hear him say that. We kneeled to say a prayer, and I choked up as I entreated God to protect them and to bless their home and their family. I`m going to miss them a lot.We'll see what God has in store for me now. Next week, I'll let you know where I'm at, who my companion is, and of course if there are any other questions, I'll answer them. I love you guys, take care. Elder Sheffer


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