August 19, 2019


Quequen, Necochea


Elder Bradshaw

Elder Ben: A wedding, a baptism, an asado

Tuesday August 13, 2019 Today we visited one of the most beautiful houses that I have ever seen. We were visiting a less-active member of the church who a family had told us a little about and we got there just as a mother was leaving with her two kids. The father-the man we were looking for-came to greet us and after some chatting, he invited us to enter. They built it all themselves, constructing the bricks from clay and using pretty much anything that they could find. They best part was the books. Shelves all over the place, up high, lining the stairway, and pretty much anywhere where books should be found. He said that he’s read pretty much all of them, though there’s still some ground to cover in the books upstairs. There was an easel where the kids painted. A fallen telephone pole had been cut into segments for a beautiful arched doorway. The house was clean and orderly in spite of the amount of cleaning that such a house would require. It reminded me of Hermana M——’s garden, and it is very beautiful. Friday August 16, 2019 Silvina se casó y se bautizó! (Silvina got married and got baptized!) Elder Harrison came from Tres Arroyos to see the wedding and the baptism, and it was fun to show him around his old area. The wedding ceremony was very short. They said, “I do”, exchanged rings, and signed a paper. It’s going to be much more special when they go through the temple. Later, seeing Silvina enter the waters of baptism, I could feel how much weight she could finally leave behind through that ordinance. It is an honor to be here, working meagerly but fervently to bridge the gap between God and man. I hope that God has more good for me to work, and I hope that I’m up to the task.Sunday August 18, 2019 Today Silvina was confirmed [received a blessing to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost]. She also received a calling to be second counselor in the Relief Society [the church women’s organization]. That was pretty fast—hopefully Oscar gets a calling too. He’s doing very well. He’s got questions and doubts, but he doesn’t let them keep him back from serving and participating in church. Hopefully he can go on the temple trip as well—that would be a huge help, I think.Monday August 18, 2019 This week was a little crazy. We pulled everything together for the wedding/baptism (by “we I mean the members), but other than that we didn’t get much done. Sunday night, I was feeling really bad. I think, however, that the good memories from this week will outlast the moroseness by a lot. That’s the cool thing; like Paul says to the Romans, our suffering here couldn’t hold a candle to the jubilation that’s to come.
Elder Sheffer


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