July 22, 2019


Quequen, Necochea


Elder Bradshaw

Elder Ben: Halfway done!

Ben WROTE us a letter and then took a picture and emailed it. So I have transcribed it here. karen------------------Hi fam!Hopefully you can all read this. I’ll try to keep it legible. So, here we are. There’s now less time between me and my welcome home hug than between me and my goodbye hug. It was a pretty great week too.We had divisions (splits….where the missionaries pair up with different missionaries than normal to work with for a day) with the zone leaders, and it was a good time to reflect and prepare. What kind of missionary did (do) I want to be? What do I need to do to become that missionary? Then at night time, I burned a shirt as a celebration and we ate sushi. Not cheap, but not bad either.We have a friend who’s getting baptized on Saturday. His name is Oscar, and we’ve been teaching him for about two months. Next week, I’ll try to send pictures. We also set the goal of talking to more people as we walk. The other day we spent the whole day rushing around on buses, but we talked to people as we walked, as we waited for the bus, as we rode the bus, and in every other situation in which we found ourselves. On one bus, I had an interesting experience where a baby pointed someone out to me to talk to. This week, we ended up talking to more people than I have talked to in a week for a while. This week we taught a very cool lesson. We used Acts 3 to teach the restoration, and it clicked like legos. I’ve never cited so many bible verses in a lesson before.Not only am I feeling the Spirit more strongly, but I am also beginning to feel it more specifically. Today in P-day, we played a lot of cards (unrelated to the previous thought). We’re now roughly 8-0 in Dominion (I’ve still got it!) and about 2-8 in Magis, so I think that the imbalance keeps us playing. I’m getting along very well with Elder Bradshaw right now.I love you guys! Search your feelings and self-evaluate siempre! (always) Please pray for Oscar and keep each other safe. See you in less than a year!Elder Ben Sheffer


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