July 15, 2019


Quequen, Necochea


Elder Bradshaw

Elder Ben: happy one year!

Sorry, I won´t be able to send much email. Here´s something!Esta semana fue muy bueno--la capilla abierta ayudó a que siete amigos podrían entrar a la capilla, algunos por la primera vez. Después en el domingo, tuvimos a cinco amigos y muchos menos activos en la iglesia para la conferencia de rama! Me sentí mas que nada en este traslado que habíamos hecho un cambio. Despues, Elder Bradshaw me sorprendió cuando él fijó una cita durante iglesia y despues en la casa dijo que quería poner una fecha bautismal para Sabado. ¡Tomando mucha iniciativa! Pasamos al amigo y él puso la fecha (para el otro sabado para tener tiempo), y tengo mucho fe que él va a cumplir su fecha! Estoy muy animado.¡Hasta semana seis! (¡Este traslado fue muy rapido! Quizas es porque voy a cumplir un año el miercoles…)Translation (by Karen:)This week was very good—the chapel open house helped seven friends to be able to enter the chapel, some for the first time. After that on Sunday, we had five friends and many less active members at church for our branch conference! I felt more than ever in this transfer [6 week time period we use on the mission] that we had made a change. After, Elder Bradshaw surprised me when he made an appointment during church and afterwards at home he told me he wanted to set a baptismal date for Saturday. He is taking a lot of initiative! We stopped by to talk to our friend and he set a date (for the next Saturday so he would have time), and I have a lot of faith that he will keep that date! I am very excited.Until week 6! (This transfer was very quick. Maybe that’s because I am going to reach one year on the mission on Wednesday…)(Letter to Pres. Hymas—every week we send an email to our mission president. Since I didn’t have time to write two emails, you get to share this email.)See you guys in a year! Elder ShefferBen said to blame the sea lions for not having a lot of email/phone call time today. So here are his sea lions and some other pics from the week.


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