July 1, 2019


Quequen, Necochea


Elder Bradshaw

Elder Ben: To drive the cold winter away...

It is very very cold here. (Name that general conference talk!)

I woke up sick on saturday, so we've been listening to a lot of conference talks. It´s really helped a lot, because staying in bed all day is really hard on me. Elder Bradshaw has helped a lot. He boiled an apple into a cider type beverage, made me rice, and played pokemon with me this morning. The other day I was feeling down with everything. My head hurt, I had done hardly anything, my back hurt, I wasn´t allowed to eat, and...yeah. It makes me think of something I read in Our Search for Happiness. When someone wants to know about the church, M Russell Ballard sends them out with the missionaries, and they generally come back saying that anyone who does THAT much would absolutely have to know without a doubt that the church is true. It really is a sacrifice to live the gospel--we are definitely not a sundays-only faith--but I promise you that it is worth it. The moths will die and the rust will fade away, but the strength will stay. The little things we do, like a rising sun, are often unbeheld until they're taken in within a larger scope. Take a moment to behold the glorious sunrise of your good works and drive the cold winter away. What you are doing really is helping. Keep at it!

Elder Sheffer


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