June 3, 2019


Quequen, Necochea


Elder Dougher

Elder Ben: Flash drives and hot cocoa

The other day, I picked up a book handed out by another church and read a little bit as a way to test Moroni´s challenge from another angle. If I felt the same after reading, than I could reasonably doubt that the Book of Mormon is inspired. (Moroni´s Promise states that if we read the Book of Mormon and pray about it, we'll receive an answer from the Holy Ghost saying that the book is true. I have received this answer.) The book took a very different approach from what I am used to, citing snippets of scripture and asking questions to try to have the reader reason out why they should agree. The truth is, and I´ll try to say it without offense, I didn´t feel the same, The book seemed to be arguing with me, as two people might argue. It would say something I wasn´t sure about, then as if it heard my objection, it would counter with a question. At the end I felt as if I had accomplished very little beyond growing in my understanding of another faith. What we share really is different, and though none of us should be patting ourselves on the back and thinking that we´re better than others, it´s important that we understand that churches aren´t like sports teams, where the principle is the same no matter who we´re cheering for. There´s one church that can seal families together forever, and if we aren´t sure where to find the truth, we need to look. Trying to say that we don´t need God is like trying to say that a flashdrive doesn´t need a computer; we can live seperated from Him, but the wonders inside of us will stay dead and silent. We activate those wonders when we draw close to Him through learning, listening, and following. Doctrine & Covenants 6:36 says: Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not. I feel this peace. It´s my hot cocoa at the end of a long snowy hike. It´s my favorite song when I don´t feel like singing. It brings me joy, and that´s the truth. ¡Ojalá que tengan una buena semana, les amo! (I hope that you have a great week. I love you!)

Elder Sheffer


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