May 13, 2019


Quequen, Necochea


Elder Dougher

Elder Ben: Happy Mother's Day!

We had a nice visit with Ben for Mother’s Day. He got to call and talk to us while we were in Utah visiting our families. So he got to see some extra family this time. He was unable to email us this week so he asked us to share some of what we talked about in our phone calls. He has been transferred to Quequen, right next to Necochea, on the coast again. It is back east closer to Mar del Plata, where he started. He is a district leader, which means he is in charge of a group of missionaries (in this case, him and his companion and two sets of sister missionaries), checking in on them weekly, holding trainings, traveling a bit more to visit the other missionaries and helping them prepare for baptisms of people they are teaching. Today he was up in Loberia for one such opportunity.

He said that they don’t get invited in to people’s homes as often for meals, but people do bring them something like box lunches often. They are happy to live just a couple blocks from the church. Before Ben was about 12 blocks away. Since he has to walk everywhere and they often have to go to church, it makes a difference! His companion is Elder Dougher from California (which, according to Ben, is a different country than the US. Silly boy.) Elder Dougher has been out for about 6 months and said Ben is a great teacher.

Ben told us that with this new leadership opportunity he has felt a change in his teaching style. Before, he would have ideas of something to say when they were teaching people, but because he wasn’t the senior companion, he would hold back. He thought maybe his companion would have something planned to say and Ben wouldn’t want to interrupt. Now, Ben feels like he is finally following the promptings he is having and teaching how God would have him do it and not teaching from his own thoughts. It was awesome seeing him share with us this growth he has seen in himself.

Well, next week we will be back to Ben’s emails! Until then,



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