April 29, 2019


Terrada, Bahía Blanca


Elder Marinho

Elder Ben: flipping a coin

The test of mortal life is as a wise man who met someone who was flipping a coin. He called it as it landed, getting it right. He tossed it, calling once again and getting it right. The third time he tossed it, he called it, and he got it wrong. The wise man scoffed, called it luck, and kept walking. Another passed and saw the same. Pulling out a piece of paper, he tracked the accuracy of the man's calls and found that he got it right about ninety percent of the time. It wasn't luck. God doesn't always answer our prayers right away, but if we´re watching closely, answers and blessings do come. If we shrug off the blessings and assume that they´re luck, it will take far longer for us to realize that we are really "lucky". If, rather, we take note of the small miracles we see, though perhaps not one of them is big enough on its own to "prove" that it´s anything more than luck, by connecting the dots we will eventually see the grand pattern that God has for us. Take time to reflect, to see where you are, what's changed, who you´ve become, and make sure you write something down from time to time. I´m strengthened in my testimony when I read what I wrote in my journal.I love you! Here, I´m seeing more than ever the joy that the gospel brings. ¡Hasta luego!Elder ShefferPictures:-Sierra de la Ventana—I’m not sure if that is a llama. There are a few different kinds of animals like that in Argentina. Google tells me it is a Guanaco.-Easter—that white chocolate egg is hollow and full of easter goodies. What a fun idea!-And a pet armadillo. :)


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