April 8, 2019


Terrada, Bahía Blanca


Elder Marinho

Elder Ben: Thoughts on Conference

To those who aren’t a member of our church, I want to offer a brief explanation to help you understand Ben’s email. This last weekend our church had a semi annual conference. Instead of attending our regular services, we get to watch a broadcast from Utah from the leaders of our worldwide religion. Here is a link if you are interested:<a href="" class=""></a>To email Ben directly, <a href="" class=""></a>Karen--------------------------Conference for me had a very different effect this time. Before, I felt support, encouragement, and rejoicing; those elements were still there, but this time I feel sure that God is calling us to make something more. If you look at a suspension bridge, its extremely strong parabolic cords periodically connect to the unshakeable pillars of support lining the pathway, but due to the reality of logistics, these costly and powerful supports are few and far between. How is the terrific load managed? The road must be riveted by smaller cords, distributing the demand along the full length. We only get General Conference once every six months, and if the speakers´ words are to be trusted, we are facing the ride of our lives crossing the bridge of life in these latter days. Fix yourself--rivet yourself--to these words. No buts, no excuses. We cannot survive six months without meditating the gems of knowledge received in conference any more than we can survive a week without the spirit promised to us when we take the sacrament. Act, and know that it will be enough. One thing that I learned in conference is that God doesn't expect us to be perfect, but he does expect us to get better. I give my testimony of the goodness of God, of His love, and of His mercy. I give my testimony of the reality of weakness, temptation, confusion, and grief. The way is clear, and even if it´s impossible on our own, with God all things are possible.I started a "playbook" soon after conference ended, writing plans for situations that I´m sure to meet. I´m trying to give everything to be the best missionary I can be, and though my effort is ever imperfect, it's a real strain for me. At times, I forget that God wants eternal joy for us...and that eternity includes today.Wishes and prayers,Elder Sheffer


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