March 4, 2019


Terrada, Bahía Blanca


Elder Leiva

Elder Ben: Sort of great week!

Hey! Tiara got baptized! A lot of cool things happened, but I´m feeling a little down because I left the keys in the house...oops. On the bright side, we had a pretty sweet P-day. We lost electricity in our house yesterday, so we headed over to the zone leaders in the stake center, and because the next day was P-day, we went to the chapel to play ping pong and chess. One of our zone leaders is actually pretty good. I beat him both times, but one time I had to rely on strategem because he was up a pawn. It was fun playing again. Afterwards we went to the house of a chilean member and ate massive empanadas. Have Mom put her fists together and imagine me eating nine of those.Are you changing all of the floor? The WHOLE floor? Nothing but the floor? That´s weird. Courtney, stop drawing dead bodies on the floor. (We are replacing our floor and made crazy art on the subfloor. He did a video call to see the progress, so that was fun. But, he couldn’t hear me so that wasn’t fun.) Congratulations on being british. (Courtney is in a production of the Importance of Being Earnest. She is cast as John/Jack/Earnest)Johnny, that rocks! (Johnny was in a state chess tournament last weekend) I might need to start practicing more for when I get back. That mate you got in the board placement tournament is the coolest epaulette mate I have ever seen!!! It's giving me chills. :)Elder Leiva and I took some pics. We have our moments, but we also have our fun. I love you guys! Hopefully we find somewhere to sleep! Bye!Elder Sheffer


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