February 4, 2019


Terrada, Bahía Blanca


Elder Leiva

Elder Ben: last week (week 28) and this week (It's Groundhog Day. Again.)

As I suspected, last week Ben thought he sent out his email to us but didn’t. So, here are both letters. As you can see, he never even finished writing last week. :) He told me that he lost the connection from his camera to wifi, so once he gets that figured out we might get more photos. Happy reading!Karen————————————————————————<i class=""><b class="">Week 28</b> (last week’s letter)</i>———Yes, I know that the fire thing was a bad idea...but it was really fun too! Courtney, I think I already told you through chat, but happy birthday! You are now seventeen, the age at which Harry defeated Voldemort. Congratulations!More details. Aqui en Terrada, [Here in Terrada (the town he lives in now)] we walk everywhere because our area is small and collectivos [busses] don't pass through it a lot. Elder Brunt and I would use collectivos a lot more, but that was more because we had a ginormous area and didn't want to / couldn´t walk like thirty blocks in ten minutes to reach our citas [appointments]. Yes, there are a ton of dogs here. Some are a little more feisty, but those are usually either behind fences or small enough that we just laugh at them. It is also crazy hot here. The other day, we went to church, obediently wearing our suits in the street and during the meetings. We got home, and my companion went to bed with a headache. We didn't leave the house until 6. I used the opportunity to research stress a little; we've both been putting a lot of weight on ourselves. Fun fact: people in Argentina don't sweat very much--just once per day. This is because they never stop sweating. The other day eating Almuerzo con miembros, [lunch with members of the church] I washed and dried my hands, and by the time I got back to the table, my hands were already wet again, the sweat beading on my arms. It's fine, we've sort of gotten used to it.We've got Thiago's baptism planned for this week!———————————————————————<i class=""><b class="">It’s Groundhog Day. Again.</b> (today’s letter with lots of references to the Groundhog day movie. If something sounds funny, it’s probably quoting the movie. :)</i>———Well, I forgot about Groundhog Day, but it was pretty awesome anyway! Thiago was baptized, so I kinda wish I could have that day over and over and over again. I´m not sure if the time loop would invalidate the ordinance though...Another big announcement is that the Siesta is now legal. Missionaries are allowed to take a 10-15 minute "power-nap". Helping someone receive the ordinance of baptism can be really stressful. Usually, something happens at the last second that makes it seem like they´re not going to be able to do it, but with faith and prayers, it works out when God wills it to be so. At times it feels like a rollercoaster--when we follow the commandments, we buckle ourselves in, and assuming we have faith, use repentance, take upon ourselves baptism, strive to be worthy of the spirit, and continue doing these things until the end of the ride, whatever loops God throws at us will be remembered as a harmless but exciting stretch of life. We´ll get to the end and say wow, that was awesome! This joy is, of course, not always shared by those who don't follow the rules of the ride and thereby may not enjoy themselves very much. Be brave and hold on, because God´s got something breathtaking waiting around the next bend. Oh, and Thiago did get baptized this week. Hopefully I can send photos soon.Mom asked: Do you eat with members or cook for yourselves? What foods are different? What do you miss? What will you miss when you come back? Are you in an apartment or house? Any different amenities in this place?We have almuerzos [lunches] with members, and these successfully happen most of the time. We do cook dinner and make breakfast--Elder Leiva and I make a lot of fried rice for dinner, sometimes even having milanesas de pollo. [it’s kinda like chicken fried steak but with chicken] The weirdest food I’ve had here is the Morsilla (Blood sausage), and this is pretty good timing, because people are morons. (Groundhog Day quote….The sausage is not terrible, I just don't like it a ton.) I miss everything. I miss so many random details. I miss TV shows from when I was five, Frozen, random foods I didn´t eat before, English, green chile, and just about everything. I´ll probably miss some of the food here, especially the alfajores [a type of cookie] and the asados. (muy rico!) [pretty much BBQs that he says are "very delicious"] I started in a house and am now in an apartment. I don't remember what amenities means.¡Chao!Elder Sheffer


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