January 21, 2019


Terrada, Bahía Blanca


Elder Leiva

Elder Ben 1/21/19

SIX MONTHS AS A MISSIONARY!!!¡¡??! Okay Mom, you asked about mission life. Elder Leiva´s Hondureño and we've had a lot of fun. You know you've got a good relation with your comp when you're calling eachother “chabon” (Karen’s note: I think this means dude). Terrada is small and energetic. Apparently, it didn't really exist until a relatively short while ago. Bahia Blanca is a little crazy, I'm still lost outside of my area, even in the ciber. Thiago and his mom are cool; he's now come to church twice, and he's really enjoying it. My companion and his trainer established contact with him through futbol, which is pretty awesome. (Did I mention that my companion is a professional futbolista? He is.) The other day we were in the street trying to accomplish a goal of our Mission President: ten contacts every day. We talked to one person, but she didn't want to listen very much; neither did the next person, nor the next, nor... until finally we had nine of our ten contacts, all more or less rejections. The tenth person we talked to accepted the possibility of receiving us again, as did another person, and the next, and the next. When we act in faith, God will bless us, though perhaps not until after he's tested us a little.One big struggle here is the dogs. I almost got bit a couple times this week, and even if they're behind a fence, they bark and drown out your voice. Days usually consist of mornings, working (usually contacting) until 12:30, eating and studying, working until nine, then eating, reading, and sleeping.What is being a missionary like for me? Well, we went to water a member's garden, and I might share a bit of that. She had a CB, which might mean stroke or something, and so she doesn't work or do much. Her garden is everything for her, and I could see the love with which it was crafted. For me, being a missionary is being willing to plant the word, will, and the work of God in my garden, and to center my life as much as possible in nurturing it.Love you!Elder ShefferBen told us they have a tradition in their mission to celebrate 6 months out—they burn a tie. So in typical teenage stupidity, here is Ben with a makeshift blowtorch to burn his tie.


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