December 24, 2018


Colinas, Mar del Plata


Elder Brunt


Man, I'm talking to you guys tomorrow. This is weird. I have no idea what to say. I do have at least one request: I want to hear some Shakespeare from Courtney and Johnny. If there's anything else you guys want to show me, feel free. Parents, good job with finishing the Book of Mormon challenge! We got some good Christmas singing--I'm in a ward with a choir, though I hear that's rare here.

Has it snowed? We haven't had any snow here, but we've got a lot of rain and sweat. I got a little sick this week and we had to stay in the house and rest for the better part of a day, but I'm mostly better now. I found this game called Truquo using Naipes cards, and it's fun. It was my cumple-mes/nochebuena (birthday/christmas eve) present to myself.

Christmas Eve on P-day has been as such: Go to a gancha (field) early in the morning and practice football with my companion. Go home. Shower. Play a little truquo. Ride the collectivo. Wait for other missionaries. Ride the collectivo--while playing Truquo. Crush zona norte in football. Ride collectivo. Purchase kid's meal with Pokemon toy because for some reason our district likes to go to mcdonalds. Write family. Afterwards, we're hoping to buy each other presents and stocking stuffers and then go have dinner with a part-member family.

Courtney, I know exactly how you feel with not getting the Shakespeare part you want. I wanted Macbeth, but didn't. When I got Malcolm, I found out one thing. First off: Malcolm rocked. Not sure about that Wilde fellow, but Shakespeare's best characters aren't always the heavy hitters. Second off: Magnify your calling. I don't have time to find them, but there are tons of scriptures that say when you accept light, God opens the window a little wider. To apply this, throw that window open by magnifying that character like crazy.

see you tomorrow... 🙂

Elder Sheffer


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