December 17, 2018


Colinas, Mar del Plata


Elder Brunt

Elder Ben: December 17

"President Nelson is throwing flour at us by the shovelful, and if we want to keep up, we really got to get kneading!!"Hey Johnny!! I'm gonna send you the group email, but I've also got some stuff to say to you. When I heard the other day about the announcement, I thought of you, and I had the same thought: You're going to be a teacher. I think I enjoyed my teacher years the most on young mens; remember that the deacons are still going to need your support, and not just during sacrament meeting. Be a leader and an example. A teacher's work isn't always glamorous, but if you'd like, I think you'd benefit from Joy D Jones's talk in General Conference about serving out of a love for God.A couple weeks ago, I made pasteles (pastries) with the mother of a member. She was more friendly with us than with the other missionaries that had passed because we weren't just teaching, we were participating in something that she loved. As she had me knead the dough, she added flour one sprinkle at a time. In God's church, He knows how much flour is needed so that we can become the delectable treats that he knows we can become, but he also knows that we can't handle having all the flour dumped on us at once. When Jesus Christ came, he refined the law, raising the Mosaic law to a higher, holier way because the people were ready. Today, President Nelson is throwing flour at us by the shovelful, and if we want to keep up, we really got to get kneading!!We had a conference with President De Hoyos this week [from the church area presidency I believe], and he was giving us a lot of flour to work with. I've got lots of new ideas to improve how I share the gospel, how I work with members, and how I become a more christlike missionary. A couple of the changes that I'd like to make due to the conference: I want to learn something new about my companion every day, read the book of mormon in every opportunity, read it in spanish highlighting all the times it mentions Jesus Christ, repent every day, call members by their names, and follow the prophet more closely. I'll need your help with the last part. Could you guys send me updates on what the prophet is doing and saying?Mom, can you send me your sourdough waffle recipe (and the nectar [buttermilk syrup] recipe)? There's a chef in our ward, and she wants to try it. Also, waffles are totally the first thing I'm eating when I get home.I've filled out a booklet called "My Family" with everything I could find from FamilySearch, and it's been an awesome experience. The time I can spend on Family History is extremely limited, so want to help? I would love to have the complete names of all my uncles and aunts as well as my great uncles and aunts. I also need pictures of the Sevy clan and the Sheffer clan. Finally a request for my grandparents: I would love to hear some stories about my great grandparents, especially gospel related since I'll be sharing this booklet with the people I teach.I love you guys! Johnny, keep up the good work--especially with the journal--and have a nice Christmas! Tell Dad that I think it's awesome that he got to be Santa.TALK TO YOU SOON!!!Elder Sheffer


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