November 19, 2018


Colinas, Mar del Plata


Elder Castillo

Happy Thanksgiving!

This week was awesome, with some crazy mixed in. Smartypants me using copy-and-paste from the letter I emailed my mission president today. :)Listening to the apostle Elder Gong was amazing!! I feel rejuvenated and ready. Even though today was P-day, we've conversed with four of the people we teach. I've seen some miracles this week!My comp got his patriarchial blessing on Tuesday, and it was truly spectacular. Beforehand, I had two prayers answered! One was that he would be able to find his recommend, and the other was that we'd be able to talk to someone so that he could be more relaxed and ready. My prayer was answered through the remis (taxi) driver on the way to the chapel (we were running late). The other day, we were at a house of someone we teach and were with a member. We clapped once and twice with no response and were about to turn back, but I wanted to try one more time. We clapped, they heard, and we had a wonderful lesson in which tears were shed.I also found out about another little miracle. During General Conference, I received a prompting that I needed to talk to one of the youth in the ward...NOW. I didn't want to have a story like President Monson's, so after some worried squirming I pulled my companion out and I called the member. He was fine (if maybe a little confused by my call), and we returned to conference. Yesterday, we talked to him about it and he shared that immediately preceding my call, he had shared the gospel and had prayed about it. (I think. Spanish still isn't 100%.) Apparently, my call was the answer to a prayer, and I didn't learn about it for over a month!Elder Gong's talk was awesome, and it gave me an idea. I've got a thing for writing, and if the mission has any needs in that area, from reports to newsletters, I'd be happy to help. One possibility stated in the agenda is that we can try to get an article published in a local newspaper. Can I do that?! (Also, how can I do that?)Long letter for a great week! With my trainer leaving, this next one's sure to be interesting as well.This week really was spectacular, and as I said, Elder Castillo se va! (is leaving!) Soon I'll have a new companion, and I'm sure that he'll be the highlight of my next email.Is it already Thanksgiving? Wow, I thought that it We had an amigo (friend...we don't say investigator) confused about how a just God could divide his children, so I've been thinking about that a lot. <a href="" class="">Alma 42</a> is my suggested reading for you and for the world. I love you guys! Things are shaping up great here.Hopefully the pictures have been coming through. Time to read emails! Bye!Elder Sheffer


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