October 22, 2018


Colinas, Mar del Plata


Elder Castillo

Week 14

Dear family (and friends),

I love you too! I'm not sure what I really could ask for for christmas...I just kinda figured that I could open my nutella and make some pancakes. I'll think more about it. Christmas will be different here. By the way, thanks for the music. I'll enjoy it this week. Of course, we're only about ten days away from the first day of the christmas season, soo...

So, great news, we have a baptism this week! Saturday at 6:00, José will be getting ready for his baptism! Pray for him, please. I'll send pictures. I miss home! Life is great.

Happy Argentine mother's day! To commemmorate it, here's a poem I'm writing. It's a shakespearian-style sonnet, and it's only half done.

Un barco sale, esperándome,
un sed sin fin por agua, sal o mar
Y cuando pienso extrañar a ti,
la bruma llama: descubrir. Buscar.

¡Regresaré! Momentos pasarán.
Sin obstante, no me secaré.
Mis velas estarán pesado bien
con viento de los cielos enormes.

I really hope Ms. McCormick and Ms. Gardner are on the list--They couold make a fun cross-over assignment out of this.

Bye! Love you!
Elder Sheffer


Note from Karen:
Here is my translation of the poem Ben sent. He has only been speaking spanish a short time. What a beautiful thing he has written here.

A boat leaves, waiting for me,
an endless thirst for water, salt or sea
And when I think I miss you,
The mist calls: Discover. Search.

I'll be back! Moments will pass.
However, I will not dry up.
My sails will be quite heavy
with wind from the huge skies.


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