September 24, 2018


Colinas, Mar del Plata


Elder Castillo


This week I don't even have time to read what you all said. My companion can be enfuriatingly obedient at times. We only have maybe twenty minutes to email, but he doesn't want to cut into proselyting time on another day, so we're doing it anyway. We're headed to a p day with our zone, and we'll eat Asado and play futball. I'm pumped.

This week was difficult--the best weeks always are. On saturday, we went to Josephina expecting to be rejected. She had had a death in her family, was feeling sick, and just was feeling overwhelmed. We sat down with her and she bore her heart out to us. I got the chance to give her a blessing of comfort, and I've never felt more like an instrument in God's hands. Even though Spanish isn't my first language, God gave me the words that he wanted to give to her. In the blessings I gave before coming, I always felt awkward, but now I have a much stronger testimony of the power of the melchizedek priesthood and my calling.

I've said this before, but the members in Colinas are awesome. Yesterday, Dora came to church with us, and the members did everything they could to help her and make her feel welcome. Next week, she wants to bring her granddaughter.

Yesterday our stake had a concert, and one of the young men that I know pretty well was going to play piano. I wanted to go to support him and the other performers, but to go we needed to find someone that we're teaching and bring them, and that was going to be difficult. Josephina originally said yes, but later she had to cancel. I got really frustrated that we wouldn't be able to go, but then a scripture came into my mind: the last two verses of Isaiah 58. (I don't have time to find it and type it, but if you want to add it to the group email, that would be cool.) I was thinking about this in the wrong way. I was seeking my pleasure when I should have been allowing and seeking God's will. I decided that, though we would keep looking for someone to go, I would take no for an answer if that was what happened. We could have gone claiming the purpose of fellowshipping a nonmember that was going to be there, but my companion, in his staunch honesty, didn't think that sufficed. We would have been serving ourselves. Instead of just giving up and going, we continued our search trusting in God, and the next person we talked to, Sylvia, told us that she could go. She had thought that it was the day before, and if we had just gone on our own, we couldn't have invited her. I get annoyed at my companion sometimes, but I really need to humble myself and listen, because I've got a lot to learn from him. The concert was awesome, by the way.

Keep pressing forward!

Elder Sheffer


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