August 9, 2018


Mexico Missionary Training Center


Elder Clarke

Week 4 (he got his counting off by a week :)

Sounds like he is having fun! BTW in a follow up email he let us know that Elder Clarke, his companion, is headed to Comodoro rivadavia, Argentina, the southern-most mission in the world.


Finally, we get a real P-day! (The last two, we only had until eleven o-clock when we got on a bus to go to the temple. Those were great, but today we actually get most of the day to recharge.) I've made a list this time of things I want to say, so maybe I'll get more in this week.

Shout out to Courtney and Dad! They've been sending me scriptures, and I've really appreciated it. I love using more obscure scriptures rather than just the same old ones...but I have been using Alma 36 a lot. It's a wonderful scripture to talk about repentance.

I have a new nickname. This one is Head Chef (Shef), and I love it. They've talked about changing it to Boyardee, but I prefer Head Chef. It's a fun nickname, and there are cool uses for it. Ex: When I spike it in volleyball; "Chef's in the kitchen!"

We've got these five-gallon jugs of water all over (I don't think the tap water is drinkable), and we've had some fun with them. We'll take the caps and throw them like frisbees, trying to make it in trash-cans, through windows, etc. The other day, Elder Cahua forgot his water bottle at home, so he took an empty 5 gallon and filled it up a little, placing it on the floor beside his chair. I tried to take a drink out of it, but it was such an absurdly large water bottle that I couldn't stop laughing!

My companion isn't a huge sports guy. He doesn't like basketball at all, and I'm totally fine with that, but he hasn't seemed willing to do organized sports of any kind, so it's been rough. At first, I was going on exchanges to play soccer while he hung out and played ping-pong or ran, but now we've found a better compromise. He's fine with Volleyball, and while my top pick is usually football, volleyball is a very close second pick, and it's a lot of fun. We've gone back to spending gym time together.

I stuck a slice of pizza in the toaster. Not a regular toaster either; it's a conveyor-belt, and at the end of the conveyor-belt, it flips upside down and slides down a ramp into a tray where you can pick it up. It was Tuesday, (Greenie Day) so they were serving pizza. It wasn't terrible pizza, but it wasn't warm either. It took some preparation, and I was a little concerned because half of my district was telling me that I'd probably burn the comedor down, but I finally did it, folding it in half and sticking it in sideways. It came out still mediocre, but it was also warm and toasty. I figured out the solution to pizza Tuesday.

We watched a talk President Bednar delivered at an MTC a few years back. It probably isn't available online, but he gave a similar one at BYU-Idaho. It was about how Jesus Christ, in times of personal crisis, turned outward instead of focusing on himself. It was a great talk to apply to myself, and I especially loved the part where he issued a challenge that I am now attempting. I bought a paperback English Book of Mormon, and I'm going to read it all the way through with a question in mind. When I got it, I'd just finished 1 Nephi, so now I guess I'm reading 1 Nephi again!

One very surprising role that I've taken on in my room is alarm-clock. Mom would never believe this, but when the alarm clocks go off around 6:25, I'm the one that gets up, takes the first shower, and turns the light on. Of course, I'm also the one that takes the longest to get dressed, so showering first is sort of out of necessity, but still, I'm proud of it!

Those mini-missions sound awesome! I'm glad you guys got to experience learning a new language, getting up at 6:30, trying exotic foods, and hopefully doing it all with the gospel in mind. What they teach us is that everything we do should in some way contribute towards our purpose, which is to invite others to Christ. I'm glad you all did that (By the way, thanks for the letter, Dallin!). I've really felt supported going into this, which is great. Not all missionaries have that.

I'll be sending some pictures and hopefully a few voice recordings. Sorry for any typos, I was trying to type quickly!

Elder Sheffer :)


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