August 2, 2018


Mexico Missionary Training Center


Elder Clarke

Week 2!

I'm on again, and it's great to hear everyone's news! Johnny, it sounds like you did AMAZING in that competition, and an eleven second single in a competition is stellar!! Keep up the good work!

Time really does start to fly after week one. It's a little sad to think that the first transfer of my mission is almost halfway over, but I'll do what I can to grow and make this transfer a memorable one. There have been a ton of great devotionals, and I'm learning a ton. I can see the gift of tongues in my life.

I got a surprise the other day when I got a handwritten letter! Apparently, the mail service is better than I thought here, so maybe I'll try writing some letters back.

Companion Corner: Elder Clarke and I are working things out, and it's a weird relationship. It seems like we have nothing in common. His interests sometimes seem to be the polar opposite of mine, but we do have the most important interest in common: sharing the gospel. I like what True to the Faith has to say about Unity. I don't have it with me, but I would suggest looking it up.

The Temple was awesome last week, and we're going again later today. It looks a bit like an Aztec temple in some ways from the outside, and then on the inside, it's just as sprawling and majestic. I have some pictures (of the outside).

I am in the choir, though it's sort of weird. My companion isn't a choir singer, so I've been going on exchanges with Elder Spencer, our district leader. It's also a massive choir, so it feels sort of like singing in a congregation instead of a choir. It's still fun, it's just different from the ward choir.

Our District Leader's companion--Elder Driggs (Who we discovered the other day is Elder Clarke's second cousin) has given everyone nicknames. Mine is Oración, because I knew how to pray in Spanish from day 1 (Thank you for that) and because I'm willing to volunteer anytime a prayer needs to be delivered. I like that one, but another of my favorites is Elder Cutchen's: Ranch ('cause he be dressin'!). I've got a fun district.

Most of the people in my district seem to be connected in weird ways (like the cousin thing), but the only two connections I've found are that Elder Millward's family lives in Eagle, five minutes away from the Meridian Temple (super close to the boisevys) and apparently, Elder Cahua's girlfriend lived in Santa Fe for about a year. (Her brother was Isaac, if that name sounds familiar to anyone. The big things I remember about him are that he smiled a lot and that I hit him in the face with a snowball.)

Oh yeah, and I might have gotten food poisoning from the lasagna the other day. I'm fine, but the food here is starting to lose its savor. Elder Clarke has also been feeling a little worse for wear the last few days, but we're working as hard as ever!

I'm running a little low on time, and I'd still like to send some individual responses out, but mom, if you have any questions for me, I'll be on for a few more minutes. By the way, I love getting letters because I can read them throughout the week and not just one time during a frantic one hour session on P-day. I love you guys and am glad to hear all of this! By the way, tell Jackson and Mark that I wish them good luck on their projects, and tell Joseph he's a good person, he should go on dates, and I wish him the best of luck.

Talk to you next week!
Elder Sheffer

Two of my new favorite scriptures: Ezekiel 3:2 and Ether 12:6


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