July 26, 2018


Mexico Missionary Training Center


Elder Clarke

It's me!

First P-day! I'll say as much as I can.

So things were crazy from the moment I got on the plane. From ABQ to LA, I was sitting next to a woman in an army jacket with a zia symbol. Knowing that I had to start sometime, I started talking to her, and it turns out that she's Australian. She's also a drummer, an IT person, a photographer, and and a graphic designer. Her story was SUPER interesting, which encouraged me to do it on the next plane. This time, as I got talking, I was able to share a little bit with them about the gospel and I tried to teach the first discussion. I wasn't being pushy--they asked all sorts of questions, and I really wished I had a Book of Mormon. First chance I got at the CCM, I bought one, just in case. I met five other missionaries at the LA airport, as well as some headed home. At Mexico City Airport, we met six more, including Elder Pyle, who's headed to Bahía Blanca. We got to the CCM, unloaded, and Elder Cahua and I were in the same Casa, so we headed over to casa 18, where we hoped to meet our companions. (We knew their names, but we hadn't found them yet.) We get there, and Elder Clark walks out of the bathroom. He's my companion, so I'll stop here and switch to telling you general details.

Elder Clarke is a surfer from California. The first day, I had no idea what to make of him, but at one point, when I was frustrated and confused, I pulled him out and we talked. He's willing to be completely honest, and while we're different, we work well together. We joke well together, we teach well together, and even though he likes running, we ended up being a great match. I'm not just saying this, we're actually really close.

Elder Cahua was with me from LA, and we're also somewhat close. He was a little quiet at first (we all were.) but now we know all sorts of things about each other. He gets a plate of raw peanuts with EVERY meal, and at first, I thought he was loco, but now I've done it a few times. I don't know why, but it actually is a sort of good idea. His companion--the fourth and final member of our room--is Elder Millward. He plays the organ, went to a year of BYU, and has a friend who says really weird things in his sleep.

All three of my roommates are from California, which makes it kinda fun to make jokes about New Mexico. (What's a lawnmower? Whoa, isn't surfing, like, flying on water?) I know I haven't sent any pictures yet, and here's why: you can only use cameras on P-day, and I don't have access to Wifi. I'll try to send some in another email using the SD card.

You guys have sent me a LOT of letters. I'm not complaining of course; I love it! It was funny: one day, our District Leader brought in the mail. "Elder Sheffer, Elder Sheffer, Elder Sheffer, Elder Sheffer, Package for Elder Sheffer, Elder Clarke, Package for Elder Clarke." The other missionaries didn't feel too bad though--we shared our spoils. (Thanks for the cookies by the way!)

The pizza was okay. The food here has been kind of nice. Really good watermelon, good horchata (Is there bad horchata?) and a lot of meat. They also have a decent salad bar; overall, the meals are good. We had pancakes this morning, but they weren't anywhere near as good as sourdough waffles. Speaking of which, I opened my luggage and I think I found everything. I opened the mangoes, but I'm saving everything else for the field.

There's a good amount of English, especially when there isn't a teacher in the room. I'm also pretty decent at Spanish, so I haven't really felt very lost. They had us teach an investigator named Roberto, and we actually got by pretty well without notes. Yesterday, though,"Roberto" moved away. (He's actually just our teacher without his name tag.)

My companion has some great hair. You'll see it in the pictures, but we made a game out of how many people we could get to tell him to cut his hair before P-day rolled around and he could do it. We got four, including the MTC president and a seventy. Elder Bednar's coming week five or six, so he's going to grow it out again and see if he can get an apostle to tell him. We have fun. :)

Pictures on the way! (Hopefully!)

Elder Sheffer


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