October 7, 2018




Elder vanDuren

Transfers! (already?)

this week's been so busy I barely remember the start of it, so I'm just going to do a day by day again.

Last Monday evening, we went with Elder Shin to his bishop's house for a meeting with the Millers, and the for family home evening. Their house is ridiculously nice, and they have a young puppy we got some photos of.

On tuesday, we had an appointment with a member out in Karanganyar, which was about an hour bike ride each way. We ended up riding out in an area with lots of rice fields, and we actuallyhad to ride past a rice field to get to his house.

On Wednesday we had a service project. We were asked by a Pak RT to help clean his kampung, so we spent a couple hours in the morning shoveling rocks out of the open sewer system so that the water can flow more easily. It was pretty gross.

On Thursday we just spent the entire day contacting inactive members, which was pretty successful, but there isn't much to write about for that.

On Friday, President Mackay came to Solo for interviews (since he split PLD and interviews), and then he took all the missionaries in Solo out to eat at Burger King. One of the other reasons President came was because the ZLs just moved to Semarang because they'd been threatened by some muslims, and President Mackay just wanted to fill us all in on what had happened. (We're all totally safe, there's no need to worry).

On Saturday we taught an English class to some police, although there were less people in the class than originally planned, since President Jokowi unexpectedly came to Solo. the class was still successful though. Later that evening, I got the painting that I had commissioned from one of our new members. the painting is of a Dutch colonialist and a javanese man riding horses in the jungle, which the member said is symbolic of Dutch colonialism in Jawa, and especially in Solo.

On Sunday we got transfer calls. I'm moving to Jogja, where I'll be companions with Elder Feuz. that also means I'll be in the same house as Elder Schmitt, who I was companions with in the mtc. Elder VanDuren isn't 100% sure who his new companion is, since he's getting someone new out of the MTC. We think it's Elder Zebua, who has already had his training before he went to the MTC and is from Indonesia, but we don't know for sure.

For cultural stuff, I really want to express how kind and generous Javanese people are. Several times this week we didn't have any appointments, so we just rode our bikes around aimlessly. Several times we had people tell us to come and eat or drink something with them, and just invite us to chat with them. Unfortunately, they're very rarely interested in hearing our area, but it's still cool.

I want to talk a bit about the temple. The temple is and absolutely wonderful gift from God that I know I myself didn't take advantage of as well as I should have before my mission. These last few weeks we've been focusing a lot on helping members here prepare to go to the temple next year. I know that as we prepare to go to the temple and make ourselves worthy to do so, our lives will be blessed, both in the temple and simply from the changes that come to our lives as we prepare.

Elder Marr


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