September 23, 2018




Elder vanDuren

150 days!

I've already been on a mission for over 150 days. It's aboslutely crazy that my mission is already 1/5th through my mission. It hasn't felt like 5 months, although in some ways it has

This week has been good. Brother Agung is still getting ready to get baptized. He's working really hard on smoking, and right now we have a plan for him to completely smoking by the 30th, so he can be baptized on the 14th of October. It's been absolutely amazing to see the impact of the gospel in the life of someone who, just a year ago, was in prison for narcotics.

We also went to Brother Peri's house 4 times this week, twice with me and Elder VanDuren, once with both of us and the Millers (the senior couple here in Solo), and once with me and Elder Ariono while were on splits. He's been really struggling recently with a ton of stuff. It's hard, because every time we go over there he's having new issues. He seemed really good after our meeting with the Millers on Wednesday, but then when I and Elder Ariono went over there on Friday, he was really angry, refused to listen to us at all, and said he didn't care about our message if we couldn't give him money. I really don't know how to help him. He's ridiculously hard-headed and stubborn, and simply refuses to accept some of the solutions to his problems, including stopping smoking. I don't know what we can do for him if he can't help himself.

We had splits this week, and I was with Elder Ariono for a day. It's amazing to see his skill at contacting. One thing we did was ride through kampungs and look inside the houses. When he saw a picture of Jesus or a cross inside, we'd stop and try to talk to them. Although we didn't get any new investigators, I learned a lot from him. It's crazy that he goes home in just a couple of months. He's pretty much fluent in English, so most of our time on splits we just used English.

Sister Riskiana, who's been in my district for the last transfer and a half, and Brother Wingki, a member in Banjarsari, both left for the MTC this week. Brother Wingki's setting apart was a public thing, so all 7 missionaries in our district went to support him. After, we had a farewell dinner with sister Riskiana and Elder Boenari (an elder in the other district in Solo who was also going to the MTC).

This week had the first day of rainy season. It started on our way back from an appointment. We had just taught a new member, and we were headed to teach an English class near our house. We could hear thunder in the distance, As we started biking, it started absolutely pouring. We quickly pulled off the road under a covered area so that all our stuff in our backpacks wouldn't get destroyed. Everyone riding motors just pulled out the full body rain suits (it's like a disposable rain jacket that also includes pants) and carried on. Eventually the rain slowed enough that we were able to make it home. Our English class was cancelled because of the rain, so we just spent some time studying before we had to leave for another appointment.

For miracles this week, Brother Wardoyo came to church on Sunday. He joined the church back in 2006, but has been inactive for 2 years. We go to his house about once a week to show him that we want him to come back, but until this week, he hadn't. But for this week we specificly invited him to come to ward conference, and he actually came, which was awesome.

Elder Marr

(Sorry there's no photos, my camera's batteries died and I haven't bought new ones yet)


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