September 16, 2018




Elder vanDuren

Already two weeks?

Somehow, we're already 2 weeks into this transfer, which is just crazy.
This week has been good. We had a couple of slower days of just contacting, but i think we're getting better at it. Other than that, Elder VanDuren had an idea for working with inactives. All day Thursday and Friday were devoted to baking cookies and taking them to the houses of inactive members, along with invitations to ward conference next week. We got let into every home we visited, including the home of a family who have been really closed off to the missionaries. 2 of the inactives came to church on Sunday, which was awesome.

We also visited Brother Peri several times this week. On Tuesday, he finally admitted to us that he smokes, and we're now working with him to stop. We text or call him several times, and try to go to his house at least twice a week. He actually came to church yesterday for the first time in a month, and he wore a white shirt and tie. I'm hopeful for him.

Brother Agung is still preparing for his baptism. Really his only hurdles are smoking and tea, and he's working really hard on both. He went from 1 pack/day to 7 cigarettes a day, to 5, now down to 3 in one week. He's super excited to be baptized, and I know that he'll get there soon.

We also played Futsal with some members and the other elders, which was really fun. Futsal is like soccer, but indoors and played on concrete. It's much smaller and faster paced than soccer, and I'm absolutely terrible at it, but it's still fun. The member we play with leaves for the MTC this week so this was the last time we get to play with him.

The culture of Indonesia is just an absolute mix of a bunch of different cultures. On the one hand, pretty much everyone is Muslim, and you can't walk 2 blocks without seeing a Masjid. Every Friday at 11:30. every Muslim has to go to the Masjid to pray. On the other hand, you can't pass a construction site without seeing someone wearing the round Southeast Asian hats.

Included in the email are several pictures of a river we studied next to, a photo of we wearing one of those SE Asian hats with a ukulele, and some street art, including one painting of the plan of salvation done by a sister who served here early this year.

Elder Marr


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