September 9, 2018




Elder vanDuren

minggu biasa

This week has been a bit weird because of transfers. It's been pretty weird going from being trained to having a companion who's barely longer in the mission than I am. It's meant that I've had to take a lot of the responsibility, since I'm the one who knows the area. My new companion is Elder VanDuren from New Mexico. He came into the mission one transfer before I did, which means he's still pretty new.

We've spent the last while just contacting, since we don't really have a lot of appointments. I've been trying to stay motivated, even though we haven't had much success yet.

In terms of investigators, we still really only have 1, with that being Brother Agung. This week we were going to teach him on Saturday, but he was sick, so instead he just asked us to go to his house and give him a blessing. The next day he made it to sacrament meeting, which was cool.

Brother Peri is still really struggling. We talked to him about how he could improve his life. He said that if he moved back to Medan, he'd be able to make money easily, but he's too prideful to do so. He thinks that if he were to move back, it would be him admitting that he'd failed in Solo.

It's weird having a new companion. I was with Elder Doud for so long, spending a large amount of time with sombody else is a pretty big adjustment. Elder VanDuren is pretty cool. He's definitely not used to serving in Jawa yet, and still thinks of things in terms of how they worked in Manado.

My new district is made up of myself and Elder VanDuren, Elder Rapp and his companion Elder Ariono (who was actually his companion a year ago), and Sisters Fabrizio and Riskiana. Sister Fabrizio gets a new companion later today, since Sister Riskiana leaves for the MTC in a few weeks. Elder Ariono only has 2 transfers left before he goes home, which is crazy. We all got dinner together as a district for Elder Ariono's birthday, which was fun.

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