August 26, 2018




Elder Doud

minggu yang membosankan

This week wasn't very exciting. We've just been doing usual missionary stuff, including a lot of walking around and trying to contact. We're still teaching Brother Agung, and we've actually taught him all the lessons now, so now he just has to stop smoking and he can be baptized.

We're also still trying to help Brother Peri. He's really struggling right now, since he's offended with pretty much the entire ward, and the entire ward doesn't like him. He hasn't come to church in 2 weeks, and he's been working pretty much continuously for the last couple days. When we finally managed to meet with him, he said that he doesn't see any reason in coming to church anymore, and is thinking about moving back to Medan, where he's from. We're really worried about him, and are trying to figure out how to help him.

On the lighter side, we had an Elder's Quorum party... where they all went swimming. that was on Wednesday, which was a muslim holiday. We actually were told by our WML not to do any contacting that day, since all the radical Muslims came out of the woodworks for the sacrifice day. Because of that, we decided we'd go to the event even though we can't swim. It was actually a lot of fun just hanging out with our ward.

I'm also learning the old Javanese writing system, so that I can pretend that the language I'm learning is cooler than it really is.

Also, there's these chickens called Ayam Kate, and they look like regular chickens but squashed down to be really short. We see them every once in a while, and I finally managed to get some pictures.

For studying, I've restarted the Book of Mormon. After a while of reading other stuff, it's amazing how refreshing reading it is. It truly is the fulness of the gospel, presented in a form that easy to read and understand.

Elder Marr


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