August 12, 2018




Elder Doud

Zone conference

This week was one of those weeks where pretty much all we did was boring missionary stuff. We had zone conference, which was cool, since it means that we get to see President Mackay, who's just awesome. He acts as both our mission president and as our mission dad, which is cool. you get the feeling that he really cares about the missionaries in his mission, and was very open with us about several things.

Other than that, we had a pretty rough week in terms of investigators. With 17 Agustus this week, everyone is super busy at work, so we actually had 2 investigators basically drop themselves until September. On the plus side, Brother Agung continues to progress towards baptism. He has a great support system of his brother, who is one of our super awesome new members. He actually has to translate sometimes, since Brother Agung speaks Javanese as his primary language.

Everybody here is prepping for 17 Agustus, which is the Indonesian independence day. It's a huge deal here, with every street being absolutely filled with Indonesian flags. People here are actually about as patriotic for Indonesia as Americans are for America. It should be interesting to see all the festivities this week, and I'll try to get some photos to send.

Last thing, I want to invite all of you to read through the most recent General Conference again. I did this week, and it's amazing to see the counsel that is given so clearly to us by our modern prophets. I know that God still speaks to us today through his Prophet, and General Conference can be a wonderful guiding influnce in our lives.

Elder Marr


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