August 6, 2018




Elder Doud

Temples and tekads

This week has been a pretty good one. The brother of one of our new members now has a baptismal date, and is really interested in learning more about the gospel. It's really cool seeing someone who is now planning to be baptized because he's seen the influence of the gospel on the life of his brother.

Other than that, most of this week was pretty standard. We had splits in our district on Saturday, and I spent the day with Elder Rapp. We walked around a lot and tried to contact, but no one was very interested. It was still a good experience though.

We went to Prambanan earlier today. It's a massive Hindu complex, and we actually got the opportunity to go to 7 different Hindu and Buddhist temples. It was really cool walking through temples that were built in the 800s, although most of them had to be rebuilt after an earthquake in 2006. Indonesia has actually devoted a bunch of time and money to rebuilding the temples that were damaged.

(Here's a link to the photos they took on the trip. )

For a crazy thing from Indonesia this week, this morning on our way to the train station there was a huge amount of traffic, which turned into our taxi driving down what was supposed to be a 2 lane road. One Elder in my district compared it to Moses parting the Red Sea as our taxi driver boldly drove down the street.

Also, it's my birthday, I guess. I keep forgetting that. Happy Birthday to me!

Elder Marr


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