July 29, 2018




Elder Doud

Goats and bowling

This week was mostly just the usual missionary stuff. We did a lot of contacting, and trying to meet with investigators. One of our investigators basically dropped us since he's been so busy with work, which was pretty disappointing. We met with one investigator who the missionaries haven't seen since I've been here, since the last time they met with him he wasn't too interested. When we met with him, though, the first thing he asked was if we had another pamphlet, since he'd already read through the Restoration pamphlet several times. We've taught him twice so far, and he seems really interested in learning more.

One funny thing about the area that investigator lives in is that there are a lot of people who herd goats there. Every day, in the afternoon, they just let their goats wander around. the goats always return home for dinner, but in the middle of the day, they just wander aimlessly through the streets.

We also went bowling last p-day. which was both fun, and also really annoying getting it to work out. We were planning as meeting as a district at the bowling alley at 11, but when we got there, we learned it didn't open until 4. We ended up taking a taxi as a district to a mall to get gelato and hang out, then take a taxi back to the bowling alley. Bowling was fun once we were actually able to play. There are actually 2 sort of funny stories from that trip: 1, our taxi driver apparently can see ghosts, and told us that there was a ghost following one of the sisters in our district, which was crazy. He's awesome, and we actually have his personal cell number so we can have him drive us around. 2, at the bowling alley there were 2 people in their mid 20s who were on a date... along with the girl's mom, who was sitting there reading the Al-Quran. the only people in the bowling alley were the 3 of them and the 7 missionaries who were there.

From a spiritual perspective, I feel like I'm doing well. I've felt really strongly that I'm supposed to be on a mission recently. One of our new members has really been struggling, and earlier this week mentioned that he was thinking about leaving the church and going back to the Jehovah's Witnesses (he's since changed his mind, don't worry). When he said that I started thinking about it, and realized that my testimony has grown so tremendously on my mission that I can't imagine leaving the church, because I'm so sure that this is truly the Church of Jesus Christ restored on the Earth. I'm so glad for this opportunity to serve the Lord here in Indonesia.

Elder Marr


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