July 22, 2018




Elder Doud

District changes

This week was pretty busy. We spent a lot of time helping the new sisters get to know their area. The new sisters are pretty cool. One of them, Sister Fabrizio, has been in Indonesia for about 4 months. She's training Sister Riskiana, who's from Tangerang. Sister Riskiana had actually never ridden a bike before her mission, which led to a pretty funny/scary story. On our first day with the sisters, we were biking back from the church, and had to go around the corner where I fell off a bridge. Sister Riskiana was riding around the corner, but forgot to use her brakes. She comes around the corner going around 30 km/h, and slams into the concrete planter that divides the lanes. She flipped over the divider, then her biked flipped over on top of her, where she was laying in the road. Luckily, that evening was the one time ever that there weren't a ton of cars on that road. She ended up being okay, although her bike was completely totalled. We had to fit her and Sister Fabrizio's bikes in the back of a taxi, then Elder Doud and I led the taxi to the sisters' house.

We also actually have a couple of investigators now. Pak Pandan, the new investigator I mentioned last week, continues to progress, albeit slowly. He's 81, so it's easy for him to forget stuff. He does have a strong testimony of Jesus Christ, and seemed really willing to accept the Kitab Mormon as scripture. Our other new potential investigator actually came from a lesson with Pak Pandan. He walked over when we got to Pandan's house, and asked if he could help us with anything. It turned out he could speak some English. When we started talking to Pandan, the other guy started to get ready to leave, but Pandan insisted he stay. Because we were reviewing the Restoration, we basically taught them both the first lesson. Afterwards, he seemed really interested in learning more, and we're planning on meeting with him tomorrow.

We've also been working with our new members and less actives. Brother Peri is really struggling right now, so we'll be going to his house tomorrow. Brothers Audy and Kris are both still awesome, and both passed the sacrament last week. Our less actives have been tough. We meet with Brother Wardoyo pretty often, who goes to another church right now. When we talked to him last time, he seemed to think that the doctrines of our church are better than those of his other church, so I'm not sure what to do there.

I'm not really sure what else to write here. Our week wasn't incredibly interesting. I'd try to write more about Indonesian culture, but I'm not sure what seems weird anymore. Everything here pretty much just feels normal now.

Elder Marr


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