July 1, 2018




Elder Doud

New President

This week wasn't a super exciting week, although the coming week promises to be way more interesting. President Subandriyo finished his time as mission president this last week, and is actually now retiring back to Solo (he's basically been the face of the church in Indonesia for a very long time, and I think he's excited to be retiring and getting to finally relax.) That also means that we have a new mission president. We haven't actually met him yet, although we're meeting him later this week at zone conference. His name is President Mackay, which is pronounced Mackee. He's from Pasco, and actually served his mission here in Indonesia.

Indonesian culture continues to be weird. This last week the elections for the governor of Jawa Tenggah were held, which led to some interesting political demonstrations, mostly made up of teenagers riding scooters without mufflers and intentionally revving their engines to be as loud as possible, which was annoying. Then there's the assortment of smells. There isn't so much a waste disposal system so much as a "throw your garbage on the side of the road, and other people will gather it together and burn it" system, which means that everything smells like garbage all the time. I've gotten totally used to the smell though, and am actually more worried about trying to readjusting to not smelling garbage.

I fell off a bridge last p-day. We were biking home in a rainstorm and theres a turn on our way home that's about 135 degrees, coming off a bridge. I tried to put my foot down to help turn, my tires slipped, my foot missed the bridge, and I and my bike fell off the bridge. I got super muddy, and twisted my ankle a little, but was pretty much fine. The rain here is absolutely insane. First, there are a couple of drops, and that means you have to get inside immediately, because you have maybe 2 minutes until what feels like the entire ocean is dumped out on your head. We got caught out in it on our bikes, and by the time we got home we looked like we'd been swimming.

We don't have a ton of investigators right now, but we have a lot of leads on potential investigators we'll try to contact this week. We've also been focusing a lot on strengthening our new members, which has been really cool.

I just finished reading Jesus the Christ by James E Talmage, which is an absolutely amazing book. It's a fascinating read that explains the life and ministry of the Savior with the input of an Apostle, and I'd absolutely recommend it to everybody.

This last week I was thinking about Matthew 14, where Christ and Peter are walking on water. As Peter began walking on the water, he began to be distracted by the wind and the waves, and he began to sink. He asked the Savior to save him, and after He did, he asked him "O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?" I was thinking about that in the context of my mission. Like Peter, I immediately began to follow Him. and, like Peter, as long as I stay focused on the Savior, I can do anything. But, if I take my focus off him and start to focus on the tribulations around me, I'll begin to sink. It's vital in our lives to stay focused on Christ and keep on in the work.

I didn't take any pictures this week, because my camera's batteries are dead and I keep forgetting to replace them. Anyway, there wasn't a ton to actually take pictures of this week, but I'll try to take some more this week.

Maju terus!

Elder Marr


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