June 17, 2018




Elder Doud

Indonesia is awesome!

Indonesia is just amazing. I'm still working on adjusting to the heat and humidity, but I'm working on it. This week has been weird, because it Lebaran, which is the end of Ramadhan. During this time, pretty much everyone leaves the City to go visit family, which means it's hard to contact, and there's no one to have lessons with. that means there's a lot of walking around and trying to contact the 10 people still in Solo. Luckily, this next week already has a bunch of appointments lined up which should make for a more productive week.

We went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders this week on Friday, which was cool. I slept at the other house in Solo, which doesn't have a shower, a flushing toilet, or a hose for the toilet, which was an interesting experience. As part of our day, Elder Hansen and I biked 40 minutes out of the city to visit a member, then biked back. It would have been really hard if it wasn't Idul Fitri, but because of the holiday there were very few people on the street.

Elder Doud is awesome. He's training for the first time, and is also a district leader now. We've decided we're going to start running in the mornings, and we're trying to learn Arabic together, which is cool.

I'm going back to Jakarta on Wednesday to get my Kitas, and then I fly back to Solo on Thursday. I also learned that one of the sisters from my MTC group is coming to Solo as well, which is cool.​​ Our entire MTC group should meet each other as we get our Kitas.

Everybody is starting to get ready for the new mission president to come in in a couple of weeks, which is going to shake stuff up a lot. Everybody's excited for it.

For personal study I've been reading Isiah, which is pretty hard, but also very interesting. I finished the Book of mormon this week, and am moving into the Doctrine and Covenants next.

I don't have much to write this week, since it was pretty slow. I'll finish this email with a picture of me and my companion.

Elder Marr


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