June 1, 2018


Provo MTC


Elder Graves

Minggu yang terakhir

Selamat pagi!

It's crazy to think that we leave in a couple of days. By we, I mean 6 out of the seven people in our district. Sister Baird got her visa application in late, so she's staying at the MTC for a week longer than we are, and hopefully her visa will be ready by then.

This week has been a bit weird. It feels like we're getting ready to leave, so there's been some changes. In our lessons with investigators, our teachers have started to stop the lessons and talk with us about how we think it's going, where we're planning on going, and how to get there. It's just unbelievable that we've already been here this long.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to video chat Brother Aleks, who was the person our first investigator was based on. It was super cool being able to talk with someone from Indonesia, and we were actually able to understand most of what he said. Our teachers said that was a good sign, since if we can understand him, we'll probably be able to understand most of the people in Indonesia.

I think I've already taught you all the basic grammar of Indonesian, since there really isn't much grammar to teach. Most of the sentence structure is the same as in English, with subject, verb, object, although it's a little confusing using adjectives and possessives, both of which come after the word, so bapa saya means my father, with bapa meaning father and saya meaning I. Other than that, it's a really easy language. You could probably use Duolingo or some other online learning program to learn Indonesian and become relatively fluent.

I've made it to the book of Mormon in the Book of Mormon for my personal study, which means I'm nearing the end. I've been noticing a lot of references to the gathering of the house of Israel, which makes me think of my purpose as a Missionary. I'm sangat excited to bring the gospel to the people of Indonesia!

Our trip to Indonesia starts at about 14:00 on Monday, when we report to the travel office. We then go to Salt Lake, where we wait in the airport for a while. Our flight leaves Salt Lake at around 19:00, and we arrive in LAX 20:16 pacific time. We then have a 3 hour layover, before we leave at about 23:30 to Hong Kong. We arrive in Hong Kong after 15 hours of flying at 5:45 on Wednesday, even though we leave on Monday. We basically skip Tuesday entirely. We have a 3 1/2 hour layover in Hong Kong, then we say goodbye to the Malay elders who will take a plane to Singapore, and we get on the plane and fly to Jakarta. Our arrival in Jakarta should be about 35 hours after we leave.

We're all excited to get to Indonesia and get to work. We definitely know more Indonesian than we think we know, and if we rely on the Spirit, we can do anything.

Saya tahu bahwa Bapa Surgawi dan Yesus Kristus mengasihi kita. Mereka mau membantu kita punya kebahagiaan dan sukacita. Karena dia mengasihi kita, Kristus mati. Melalui Kurban Tebusan Yesus Kristus, kita bisa kembali ke surga dan hidup dengan Allah dan keluarga kita selamanya. Saya tahu bahwa Kitab Mormon adalah benar, dan Joseph Smith adalh nabi dari Allah. Melalui Joseph Smith, Injil Yesus Kristus dan Gereja-nya dipulihkan, dan saya mengucapkan hal-hal ini dalam nama Yesus Kristus, Amin.

Elder Marr


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