May 4, 2018


Provo MTC


Elder Graves

Kedua minggu

​​​​​It's already been a week since I emailed you last! Someone said that on a mission the days feel like weeks, and the weeks feel like days. That's definitely true here, where every day feels like it lasts forever, but it also feels like I got here yesterday. Things are going pretty well, although I am pretty tired. Everybody says it takes dua minggu to adjust to a new sleeping schedule, so hopefully I'll be less tired next week.

We've had two devotionals so far, one from Brother Eggett, and one from Sister Bingham. Sister Bingham is the General Relief Society President, and she gave a talk on perseverance. Brother Eggett is an institute teacher, and is also the Choir director at the MTC. He talked about doing missionary work like the savior would.

Speaking of choir, our entire district did choir on Tuesday, and the rumor is that we were actually on camera during the choir number in the devotional.

We've started having mini devotionals every morning in our district: short thoughts about something spiritual that someone has read. It's really cool, and is definitely helping our district bond.

Last week we were roleplaying teaching a simpatisan, and yesterday we found out that he is actually our other teacher. We're all having trouble adjusting to calling him Brother Hayes, not Aleks (which was the name of the investigator). Both of our teachers are great, and they were actually companions on their missions! Our class is learning Bahasa Indonesia really quickly, and yesterday we taught another "investigator" and were able to understand everything he said.

Bahasa Indonesia has some weird grammar rules: most words are made up of the root of the word, then various prefixes or suffixes are added to change it. For example, "ajar" is the root for learning. Belajar is to learn or study, Mengajar is to teach, and Pelajaran is lesson. "Saksi" is the root for witness, Bersaksi is to testify, and Kesaksian is testimony. Once you learn those rules, though, it's actually pretty easy. If you understand how the additives work, you really just have to know the roots.

We have exercise time for 1 hour setiap hari, except Sabat. Kami main banyak bola volli. I'm not great at it, but it's still fun. I've been getting better at spiking the ball, since I'm tall enough to hit the ball. Our whole zone plays together, which is cool. Kami sometimes main bola basket, which I'm also not great at.

We've had a lot of lessons about being converted unto Kristus. The idea of it is that a testimony isn't enough; you have to act on it. I feel like my testimony has been strengthened enormously on my mission, and I've only been here a week. Teaching Aleks (even though he wasn't a "real" simpatisan) seriously helped me understand how important it is to teach with the spirit. Lessons as a missionary are less about teaching doctrine, and more about bearing your testimony and inviting the Spirit.

We go to the Temple every week, which is really cool. It's nice going to the temple as a district.

The Missionary purpose is "Mengundang orang lain untuk datang kepada Kristus dengan membantu mereka menerima injil yang dipulikhan melalui iman kepada Yesus Kristus and Pendamaian-Nya, Pertobatan, Pembaptisan, menerima karunia Roh Kudus, dan bertahan sampai akhir", or "invite other to come unto Christ by helping them to receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and his Atonement, Repentance, Baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end". This purpose can really be simplified down to "Invite and Help". Our purpose as Misionaris is to invite people and help them.

Included in this email are a few pictures of our district. I can't get the computer to access my camera's files right now, so I'll try to send them later.

Saya mengasihi anda semua,

Elder Marr


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