July 6, 2020


Green River, Wyoming


Elder Monterrozo

Happy July

Hey y'all! Sorry about no email last week, but we've been busy out here! At least on p-days, hahahaha, but no, we've had lots of fun

Some highlights!

1. A lesson where we got taught for an hour+ about how the holiday Easter was Satanic and pagan in nature, and we were all going to hell for celebrating it. VERY interesting stuff hahaha what a hard core lady that was.

2. For the 4th we drove down to McKinon (one of the wards we have far away, made up entirely of ranches. Kinda sick) and finally got to meet the Bishop there! We had hamburgers, got to meet them all, and then watched some fireworks! Super cool time. The next day we went to church there and their organist was gone, so I played! Hadn't played the organ since last October so that was lit.

3. We put two more baptismal dates! Two 9 year old twin girls we found who want to be baptized. They're super energetic and teaching them is always an adventure, but they're super cool and they want to be baptized, so that's great.

4. Also for the 4th we made a video interviewing a bunch of members just about America and stuff, that was so fun. It was so funny and also just cool to get to know them better and spend time with them; that's something besides just sitting in their backyard sharing a message haha. It's on the Facebook page "Friends of Jesus Christ in Wyoming" if you wanna go check it out. Maybe give a like, that would be great.

5. Today we went to a campground on the Green River a little ways away, made a fire and made these sickkkkk breakfast burritos with the Elders in our district. It was so dope and also cool to get kind of outdoors, even though I got super sunburnt hahah worth it!

So yeah, as you can see we're having a great time down here, and the work's going well! We're really trying some new things and hopefully gonna be able to do some real good things down here. 

Scripture tiiiime → Modern scripture, it's a talk from General Conference, gotcha! (If you didn't know, General Conference is a semi-annual gathering where leaders of the Church [prophets] speak to us and tell us what God expects of us. So I'll refer to it as scripture because that's what all scripture is! Prophets talking to God's people)

It's from a talk called "The Music of the Gospel," a super super good one you should read. But, if you don't want to do that, don't worry they made a video about it! Haha I just love it so much, because in it the gospel is related to a kind of dance. The dance is the things we do every day (pray, read scriptures, etc) and the music we dance to is the joy from righteous living! And who doesn't want joy, right?! I know I do.

So if we are doing these steps still, but we can't seem to hear the music, just keep going! Ask for help in doing that and you'll get it. If you don't even know the steps, that's ok too. I promise that living it will make us happier than we would be without it. This didn't make too much sense, but go watch the video, it'll be worth it

Love you all! Hope you have a greeeat week :)

The Music of the Gospel: <a href="" style="text-decoration-line:none"></a>


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