June 22, 2020


Green River, Wyoming


Elder Monterrozo

Where's Queen's Crik?

Queen Creek Represeeeent...

I have actually met tons of people this last week who know where QC is, or have at least heard of it, so that's been interesting! And by a ton I mean relatively, I guess, haha but a lot more than I ever expected. Those who don't just say something like, "Oh Queen's Crik.. where's that at?" Well, I've never even heard of that place, haha, but let me know when you find it.

Lots of good stuff this week! We've met so many members, just doing short little messages and getting to meet them, offering all kinds of service, or at least trying to, hahahaha. But they're all so nice and are really good to us, so that's really sweet.

Monday night after P-day ended, we packed up the car, went to one lesson with one of our Bishops and his family, then drove the hour down to Manila, Utah and stayed in this super nice, super generous member's cabin Monday and Tuesday night. All day Tuesday we were there, we went to a farm to do some service with a Sister we met in the morning and it was so s i c k.

To get there, we drove through this long, beauuuutiful canyon for a little while, then it just opens up to their farm. So epic. Well, we got there and you know I thought we'd be roping cattle or herding sheep or whatever but you know nothing so glamorous. We picked weeds for about four hours there, soo sick - I'm really not complaining, it was super fun actually! Just not quite what we had expected haha.

The rest of that day we visited some more members and some returning members and met so many cool people! It was really great

Other than that, for highlights on the week- how about a scary story! Nah, just kidding - but Grandma Andreasen if you're reading this you may want to stop now....

So Monday night we got to the cabin, and it was super cold there, like it's been here all week, but it was worse the further south we went who knows why. So we got there right on time for curfew, kind of settled in a little bit and went to bed soon after. I had been asleep for probably an hour or two when nature started its call. So I got up and went to the bathroom, naturally without shoes because it was just right there. I walk in, sit down on the john, and then THEN As I was sitting, this mouse runs underneath the door into the bathroom, looks right at me, you know stands there for just a second, and then runs back where it came from! I gasped so loud, I was literally shaking. Surprised I didn't wake up Elder Monterrozo honestly. I don't think I even got back to sleep that night hahahahaha I was so shook. But hey I lived! So I guess that's one for the books hahaha

It really was a good week! It went by super fast anyway and I really have seen that this pandemic thing isn't going to stop the Lord's work here or anywhere. If anything it's going to make people turn to Him more and look for Him more in their lives, which is exactly what the world needs I think. So instead of shrinking in fear, let's turn to God and ask what we need to learn from this.

Scripture of the week is Proverbs 3:5-6
5 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths

I love you all! Hope you had a great Father's Day, shoutout to all the fathers out there. We love you!!

Have a great week :)

2 beautiful views of the canyon
Steak dinner - the bishop of one of our wards bought us the groceries for a steak dinner!
Multi-district council, saying good-bye to Elder Boxall from NZ, who has not been able to leave the mission to go back to NZ until now because of their lockdown


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