June 8, 2020


Green River, Wyoming


Elder Monterrozo

Back at it again

Well yo - how's it going guys! If you didn't know I was reasigned to the Salt Lake City Mission, and I left on Tuesday!
Funny story I got to the office, did their whole orientation thing, and then they gave me and my new comp an address in WyOmInG about three hours away and said ok you guys are going here to Green River. So we really did it, we got there about  8 30 on Tuesday night. The funny thing is my comp and I were both reassigned here from missions without smartphones, so neither of us knew anything about how to even set up the app you use for all stuff here, like your schedule and all the wards and stuff. So we got up Wednesday, like - uhhhh ok what now, hahaha, what the heck. But then our district leader came over and gave us a crash course on the apps and stuff and now we're cruising!
We're calling lots and lots and lots of people, ward members and people who used to be interested in the church -- anyone who'll talk to us pretty much. But yeah it's epic. We're just grinding out the calls, haha, and it's not going too bad either!
My new comp is Elder Monterrozo, from Stansbury Park, Utah (30 minutes from the mission,  probably why he's in Wyoming with me) and he was in Guatemala before we all got sent back. He's super cool, and we get along just great. Real chill down to earth guy. We cover four wards, two actually in Green River and then two more about an hour away in Manila, Utah and one right next to it in McKinon, Wyoming. So we've only driven down there once, just to check it out and see what we're really doing, you know. Super cool, really small nice farming communities. But yeah our Area rocks!
The members are all so nice to us and they really wanna help us with like whatever, just right now there's not really much they can do for us you know.
Yesterday we were on the phone, calling some people who had formerly taken an interest in the church, and this one woman. picked up. Ar first she seemed kind of hesitant but then it seemed like she jut wanted someone to talk to. So she told us what was going on in her life, some really hard stuff, and E Monterrozo shared a super clutch scripture, it was so timely. It was Mosiah 27:29, which is Alma the younger talking about his experience repenting of his sins. It says, "My soul hath been redeemed from the gall of bitterness and bonds of iniquity. I was in the darkest abyss; but now I behold the marvelous light of God. My soul was racked with eternal torment; but I am snatched, and my soul is pained no more."
He just told her about it and how the gospel can help her like it helped Alma, and it was super touching. Great stuff, so we're  actually gonna go visit her and her kids next week!
Here in Wyoming we can visit people on their porch or their backyard, but still not inside. So that's kind of different. We like getting out of the house hahahaa. It's been a great week so far!
I really like it here and I think there's definitely work to be done here it's awesome. Also it's freezing hahahaha. Where my summer at? haha but that's not important. 
Have a good week, guys. I love you all! 
Soooooo many deer here; it's hilarious. 
This is our house! It's pretty tiny but I prefer cozy. The only thing missing is the kitchen, but yeah, this is pretty much it.


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