March 10, 2020


Vicuña Mackenna


Elder Cardoso

If it's not the civil unrest, this virus thing will get you

Hello my friends! Hope you're all doing well, I hear there's some kind of virus thing going on in the world or something and people are kinda worried about that haha but I mean I'm fine!

This whole protest thing and whatever in Chile hasn't really hit our area yet, just some little things here and there, so you know Elder Cardoso and I are just chilling. Not chilling, but rather working hard. But we're not worried about any of this stuff, just worried about the work here!

Speaking of, it's going well! The hard thing is keeping finding new people to teach, because you know some people aren't really interested, or some of them you lose contact with so we're just figuring out you need to find a LOT of people to teach to get a few who actually progress a lot and then maybe a few will get baptized! So that's what we've been doing, and you know it's so awesome! This really is the Lord's work, I'm sure of it guys. 
And yeah speaking of people progressing, our friends Camila and Alejandro are getting MARRIED to-mo-ro-w. Oh my goodness this is so exciting!

Then the 21, next Saturday, Camila's gonna get baptized! Sooo cool, we're just so excited for her.

So yeah that's what we've been up to here in James, Chile (Santiago=James haha I'm so funny) I'm doing great! And I hope all of you are too guys Love YOU!

Elder Andreasen 

* BLATANT plagiarism, hahaha what the heck is this
* After some service we did this week I was SO dirty I had black boogers for days lol
* I think my brothers will appreciate this, raise your hand if you did this as a young man
* We put tile down in this whole room it was quite the experience honestly, if anyone needs a house ill be more than happy to build it when I get home jajajaja
* My BIP- public transit card- only the most important things on there :)))
* This MAD paper cut I got doing service, I hope you all feel bad for me
* Elder Cardoso and I went out with these two young men in our ward and it was AWESOME they taught so well and testified, it made me cry lawl what
* One interesting thing about Chile is everyone loves Japan and hates China don't ask me why I have no idea, but there are sushi places on every corner hhahaa so in exchanges we got some and it was SO GOOD
* This cat we saw with the most BEAUTIFUL eyes oh my goodness that was crazy
* Send prayers to Chile, the cat harvest is awfully low and the agricultural industries are really suffering #rememberChile HAHA


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