March 3, 2020


Vicuña Mackenna


Elder Cardoso

3 de Marzo and all is welllll

Hey guys! Gonna be short one today, but this week we had a ton of stuff going wow
To start off we began March and we're all doing fine! The riots and stuff are taking off slowly, you know starting with the smaller stuff and I think we'll get going to some bigger badder things later on in March, but you know we can hope and pray not. It's all good though-the Lord is watching out for the good people of Chile
This week we did SERVICE lots of service but it was tons of fun! Two different projects-- with the Reyes family we destroyed the back half of their house bc they wanna rebuild it so we did some heavy demolition stuff it was COOL and then we helped a sister tile a room in her neighbor's house and paint too! All super cool but man I'm tired! That's a great thing though- we've been working hard out here. 
Our friend Camilla is progressing wonderfully! She's so ready for her baptism (March 21) and now all we're waiting for is that she and her bf are gonna get married the 11th! Sooo cool we're so excited for them and we just love teaching them. It's really been such a great experience for me; helped me realize there are WONDERFUL people out there who need the message of the Gospel!
Also we met the Tello family, a super nice family of 4 who we started to teach! More details on them to come but we've taught them about the Restoration of the Gospel and the Plan of Salvation and they've accepted it super easy! Because it's true haha what who said that. But yeah with them I think we're gonna have to work on keeping commitments and getting them to come to church with us. But really a super great family- love talking with them too :)

My mom sent me this scripture and I thought I would just plagiarize her because she knows everything and she's the best and I love her so much so here it is:
2 Nephi 26:24-25 (cross-referenced to Exodus 3:6-8 that's my little addition) The Savior's inviting all of us to come to him! He wants to lead us to the promised land, to heaven because He's waiting for us there!! We just have to get there, so let's do it my friends! 

I Love you all hope you have a fantastic week!

Elder Andreasen


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