February 25, 2020


Vicuña Mackenna


Elder Cardoso

Soochee Master

Buenas tardes everyone. I hope you're doing well out there wherever ye be. 

I hope my last email didn't worry anyone too much. The whole, you know, riots things whatever- really nothing to worry about, so you know it'll all be fine.

This morning we went to Líder (Walmart) and we had to buy this huge list of dry and canned food stuff, for up to two weeks of not being able to go anywhere. So let's hope it doesn't come to that because there are only so many episodes of the district you know but you know there's a whole 500 something pages of the Book of Mormon and a whole lot more of the Bible ;))

The riots and stuff are all scheduled to start March 8, so you know we'll see what happens then! Honestly kinda exciting but you know it probably shouldn't be sorry.

But anyway- our friend Camila is progressing so quick it makes me wanna cry hahhaaha,it's so beautiful! As I think I've already said,  about a month ago she moved here from Columbia with her boyfriend who lives here. He's a Returning Member, but he started coming back to church and introduced us to her! So now they're gonna get married the 11 and she's gonna get baptised the 21!!! So exciting, but really they're just the best. I wish I had pictures of them to show, but no. So yeah that's been a great success so far. 

Other than that, we're working pretty hard to find more people, doing lots of contacting out here. Summer vacation kills here because all our friends dipped from Santiago and our lessons per week went downhill super fast hhaha but we're getting back up there!

It's really going great here We're having lots of good times! but not too good don't worry

D I N O N U G G E T S i was verily blessed to come to a place where they have such luxuries

Ok so story time: I told you we made a chessecake for the transfers call, well we had some extra filling and TURNS OUT who knew you can't just put chessecake into muffin tins without something to hold the shape so yeah, who knew, am i right. 

We had a mutual and we went bc we invited a young woman we're starting to teach and we made SUSHI (here they pronounce it soo-chee so funny) but it was actually so easy-guys I'm so hyped.

Last thing it was nice and foggy\cloudy yesterday! A real blessing it was sooo nice out :)


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