February 11, 2020


Vicuña Mackenna


Elder Cardoso

Metro, Birds and la Policia

Hey my friends gosh I don't know how to start these, I don't know why I'm addressing you all hahaha, but hey, let's get going:

SO just a quick outline:

Wed- we had a meeting in the mission office and interviews there as well, so we were there 11-4:30.  What a trip! haha

Thurs- interchanges with the zone leaders so I went to a different area

Fri- we had to go to the Santiago North mission for Elder Cardoso's visa stuff, about two hours away in Metro (A D V E N T U R E)Sat\Sun- not much

Mon- back to the visa place (called the PDI (Chilean FBI)) because we messed up the address jajajajajaja yeah we're adults

Tues- we made real Mexican tacos with members and they were SOO good man, ALSO I made crepes last night (this one's for you, Eliza - love you)

So yeah, it's sure been a week! One of those but it was actually SO awesome, we had so much fun here. The Visa place really was an adventure, really I can't even describe it. We looked up directions in the computer how to get to this place and then we just hopped on the Metro, hoping we didn't get lost as we go to a completely different mission! But no, it was so cool really, AND we hopped on this one train and there was this man with an African Gray Parrot standing there! Looked just like Gandalf, our bird at home. It made me so happy hahaha.  This poor guy - I turned to him I was like "I have one of those!" And he looked at me like "Please don't ever talk to me again get away from me" Ooh my goodness, just a littttle, weird but you know - worth it hehe

But hey, one really good thing actually, two Thursdays ago, we met this youngish woman named Camila! Her boyfriend is a less active member but he's coming back. So we met them kind of by accident and started teaching her! We had two lessons with her this last week, on Sunday we watched the movie the Restoration with her to clarify some things there, and then last night we taught her about the Plan of Salvation! She is just so interested, and she really has some awesome faith in Jesus Christ and she loves the Bible and all these things! She's so fun to talk to, and we've just been having a great time teaching her! Really been the highlight of my week, I'll let you know what happens with her later on.

So yeah, super good week, we've got cambios on Monday so we'll see what happens! Gonna miss my Mexican :((

Elder B. Andreasen

Pictures: I made CREPES they were sooo good I'm amazing
Camila made me a flower! Out of the wrapper of a coffee candy (we're working on that lol)
What happens when you forget you already have the keys to the church from the 2nd counselor, so you ask the 1st counselor too
When you run out of gas for the stove but you've GOTTA have the tacos
Taco meat! Just add tortillas and salsa yummmmm


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