February 4, 2020


Vicuña Mackenna


Elder Cardoso

Feliz Cumpleaños, Elder Cardoso!!

Greetings Earthlings, how are we feeling today? Great I hope!

So yeah we just had the wildest week of my life probably, no not really, just a lot of time spent in Los Condes, where the temple and the mission offices are, aka an hour and a half by Metro. We went to the temple Tuesday, Thursday we had zone conference again by the temple, and Friday a training for leaders of the mission. So we left the house around 7-8 those days got home in the early afternoon. But hey, it was awesome! I LOVE going to the temple and the zone conference was so good, so yeah totally worth it but I'm dead tired. Those days were nice and busy, but Saturday was the real kicker hahah. Are you ready?

Yeah, so Saturday was Elder Cardoso's BIRTHDAY, and it was wild, hahah We had a service bright and early at 8:30 to help this lady in our ward make empanadas to sell, her only income right now, which was wild in and of itself.  We ran out of gas making the hard boiled eggs to go in the empanadas, so we had to make a legit fire in her backyard to cook these eggs and then melt lard for this empanada dough on this little dinky fire in her backyard. So we did that until about 10, then at 10 we had another service project with our friend Aldo in his backyard, but we hadn't finished the empanadas, so we left there at 11:30 after working super super fast in his yard to run back to the first Hermana's house.  We lit her awesome brick empanada oven (so sick-I want one, hahah) and made some empanadas!! They were gooood man, then we helped her sell a few, then we RAN home to change and get ready for our lunch appointment. We went and ate, got home at almost 3 and I haven't even showered yet! hahah What's going on?!  So yeah then we showered, did our studies quick and went to our actual teaching appointments in the afternoon. 

To finish off, we called Elder Cardoso's fam (because it was his birthday) in the church! We finished at 9:30, gotta be home by 10, soooo we walk out the church I lock the door and we head toward the gate when we see this backpack on the church lawn and I heard something on the other side of the church building. So you know at this point I'm thinking maybe it's a bomb, maybe we're just gonna get robbed, maybe we die here hahaha.  What?  So yes, we look around the corner of the building hahaha and it's PITCH black, and I can't see a thing. At this point, 9:30 Elder Cardoso says, "Hey let's go check it out, maybe there's someone there," and I say, "No, we're gonna get the heck out of here."  So yeah we did, and we all lived happily ever after no one died or anything!! Don't worry hahaha.

So yeah, that's the week!! It was a great one! Actually, cambios are coming up the 18th. and I'm actually gonna miss my man Elder Cardoso :(  But hey, that's life!

Love you guys. Have a great week!

Elder B. Andreasen

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