January 14, 2020


Vicuña Mackenna


Elder Cardoso

Ultimate Walmart Letdowns

Subject:  Ultimate Walmart Letdowns

How you doing my friends??

This week was great! We had three of our amigos make it to church with us!! Paula, Milagros, and Franco all came to church with us, and I think they had a great experience there! We haven't been able to visit them since then, but awesome!!
AND we found not one, but TWO people who told us they want to be married in the temple and asked us to help them prepare for that day!!! Like what, am I stupid of course duh we'd love to. One was a non-member whose wife was a member, and the other a couple of returning members. So Cool!! So that was my favorite part of the week, because it made me so extremely happy to hear that from our friends. 

Lots more great things this week, but one TRAGEDY, a real letdown:  Last week, we asked permission to leave our zone to go to Walmart, here called Líder. Man I've missed Walmart really,, didn't know what a big part of my life it was. Talk about not appreciating what you've had. So finally we got to go today, it was actually pretty close by Metro, but it was NOTHING like Walmart #sadwhat

But really, this week was a great one. One thing I saw in reading along with the Come Follow Me for this last week was, that sometimes the Lord gives us commandments and then doesn't tell us how we can do them (1 Nephi 4:6,7). Or sometimes we pray for one solution to a problem, and then it comes in a different way (1 Nephi 7: 17,18) But whatever it is, The Lord will provide a way!

Love you all

Elder Andreasen

Pizza Pizza!!
What the micros here look like (the picture is so shaky bc the rides are sooo rough hehe)


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