January 7, 2020


Vicuña Mackenna


Elder Cardoso

If Bear Grylls and Gordon Ramsey had a child.....

Happy Pday my friends. How we feelin?

Let's see it's been a good week!! Some great stuff going on here in Santiago. I figured out our apartment has a balcony! Not that I didn't know that before, but I went out there when we got home for the night, looked at the skyline, eating my bowl of ramen, reading the Book of Mormon. Life changing to say the least, highly recommend it.

Last night we had a super epic FHE (dad can you define fhe for caso de nonmembers tal vez?) (Dad:  FHE stands for Family Home Evening, and is a time members of the Church set aside weekly, often on Monday nights, to just be together. Sometimes there will be a gospel lesson, other times just games or another activity.  But it's the best!) with this member we've been meeting with for a while-- went SUPER well. We have another date with them tonight, so we'll see what they thought i guess! I think it really helped them, but yeah we'll see. 
But yeah the work goes on here! Elder Cardoso and I made it through our first transfer together, and we've got at least one more together here in Vicuña Mackenna! 

Oh yeah for the subject - I was making lunch today, didn't feel like just a sandwich so I cut up some tomatoes and threw them in the frying pan. Let's see what happens. And then some green onions I had too (My favorites lolol, great for ramen), más some salt and pepper. Crushed up some crackers, because it was pretty thin for a sauce (at this point it was looking like a sauce), threw in some of the juice from this can of sardines I found in the pantry (no idea why I bought those, lolo) At the end we had some weird looking tomato sauce, that smelled GREAT haha. And then I put it in the fridge and made a sandwich. Maybe I'll make spaghetti one day, but yeah that was a culinary adventure! More to come I'm sure.

Les quiero mucho mucho 
(first 2) We switched our study room and our sleeping room to give my legs more room bc i was super squished lol. Works great now!
(next 2) Santiago skyline by night
The secret to staying awake during language study
RIP the "Nike" shirt the members bought me for christmas ::((((


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