December 31, 2019


Vicuña Mackenna


Elder Cardoso

I may not have perfect vision, but 20/20 is pretty close

Hola Feliz Navidad! y Año Nuevo!
Christmases in the mission field: 1/2
Hahaha, no Christmas was actually really nice here! We ate with a member family, got to call our families, it was a great time! Also we got a GREAT contact that we actually taught last night and it went super well! Also I made brownies for our District meeting, Master Chef back in action, AMEN. They were so good. 
Also this week we had exchanges with our Zone and District leaders, two days in a row, and by the end, I NEVER thought I would say it.... but I missed our apartment pretty bad hahaha. But the exchanges were great! I got us soooo lost in my own area hahah, on the way to a lesson with my man Elder Gonzalez. The member that was coming with us had to pick us up in his car, because we were actually pretty far from Norma's house lolol. Still don't know how to navigate my area po, I'm sorry. 
We found Paula and her family on Christmas Eve, and last night we went and taught them the Plan of Salvation! They were super nice, they got all of it, and they really opened up. I was so grateful to have this knowledge in the first place, much less have the opportunity to share it with other people!
Because I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ really does help people in their challenges, in all aspects of their lives, as it sure has for mine. 
I love you all, have a GREAT 2020!

Elder Andreasen 

Still waiting on that third sneeze
The CREEPIEST santa thing ft Handsome Man himself
An Empanada Oven! SoOoooo good hehe
I made brownies! 
And I may or may not have bought 9L of soda for $5 (American)


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