December 24, 2019


Vicuña Mackenna


Elder Cardoso

“This is the story of how I died”

“It's a great story, really. And come to think of it, it's not even mine.”

My favorite movie hahahhaha. love me some Tangled!!

But as you can see this week was marked by some near death experiences, we got lost, sick for two days, lots of adventures. 

Wednesday for lunch we ate something, idk what, but it made me SOO sick, hahah we didn't go out Thursday almost at all. WILD but the next day, I was ok and now I'm great hahah Life's good 

We've got some progress going!! We have a couple FHEs planned out with part member families, and I think they'll be very good for them!!

So cool, E Cardoso's gonna make TACOS so hype ahh

Also we're putting some activities together to get some youth participation goping here, bc we have lke none ahhahha but it's ok!! We're getting there don't worry.

Great things going on in the barrio Vicuña Mackenna.

Spiritual thought--- something I really liked that our MIssion president's wife told us during our conference yesterday-- She asked us what we did the day before our missions, lots of laughing and reminiscing followed haha, I was just packing ALL day.

But then she said, “What did the Saviour do the night before His earthly mission?” and that really made me think. Then we turned to 3 Nephi, where Jesus talks to his prophet Nephi, comforting him and the saints in the face of the threats against their life for the next day. ''On the morrow come i into the world'' That's so beautiful, the Saviour Himself come into the world to save us from our sins and enable us to return to Heaven one day!! SOO beautiful.

I know this is true, that Jesus is the Saviour and I'm so grateful for all He has done for me, and all He does for me every day.

I hope we can all remember Him in our Christmas celebrations!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas, Guys. Love you all!!!

Elder B. Andreasen


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