November 21, 2019


Mexico MTC


Elder Thorne

One, two, You're GoNE

Schlola Queridos!!
What a good seven weeks it's been since my last email hahhhaahahah jk
Let's seee: One thing I neglected to write last week was this thing called "ProMix." Basically it's just companion exchanges, but they put the non-Latino guys with Latinos, kind of a "Necessity is the mother of invention" thing. So my new companion, just for the last two Tuesdays and Saturdays, has been Elder Guzmán from Tijuana, Mexico. What a great man, and my Spanish has improved so much from spending that time with him, and other Latinos(as), and it's been great for me. Because I've been able to bear my testimony in Spanish since I got here, but I didn't know how to say like "Oh that's embarrassing," or "How weird," you know, just stuff like that. So yeah that was cool! #fluido
Let's see this week, yesterday actually, we taught real people! Elder Thorne and I had two Skype appointments, and we taught mini leccionitas to these two super nice people. Barbara from Chile and Kevin from Columbia. AND Elder Thorne and I understood them perfectly, even over the bad quality call. #fluidootravez
This week we had a huge emphasis on the Plan of Salvation/the Atonement aka my two favorite things! I don't even know where to start on this, the Plan of Salvation is SOO awesome. I actually wrote like three pages about this in my journal, I won't give you all of it, but that was an experience, haha. The logical completeness of the Plan is obviously not the basis for its veracity by any means, but for people whose brains work like mine I guess the logical composition of it just adds to some of its awesomeness. Read Alma 34 (9-10) if you want to hear a good logical walkthrough of the Plan of Salvation, and the need for a Saviour. My favorite chapter right now. 
At our nightly house devotional, my friend Elder Hedges took us through a  little activity for the spiritual thought/scripture. He had us all close our eyes, picture our families, standing in a line like for pictures or something. Then he had us imagine every third person just disappearing. One, two, three Sam's gone, one two three Eliza's gone, one two three Dad's gone. That made me so intensely sad, I can't even describe it. And yet, that's exactly what happened in the Spirit World. Heavenly Father lost a  THIRD of His children to the Great Deceiver, the Ultimate DummyDummy Satan. I can't even imagine how sad He was, loving each of His children perfectly and then losing so many. So let's make sure we don't lose anymore of them.
I know Heavenly Father sent us to Earth because He loves us. He sent Jesus Christ into the world, so we could return back to Him one day; not just back to Him, but Like Him. And that's the Plan of Salvation in its simplest form: God's love for His children and He wants us back. ALL of us. So let's all get back there!!
I love you all so much thanks for all you do for me. 
Mucho amor,

Elder Andreasen 
(PS if you have questions about any of this, feel free to ask me or any missionaries around you, your parents, your bishop, my Dad. Any of those would love to help you understand it all!!) 


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