November 14, 2019


Mexico MTC


Elder Thorne

Barnacacacacles? on MY boat?

Hola hola! How are you doing? I'm doing great!
Lots of awesome things happened this week! Can't even write about them all probably. 
We heard from THREE apostles this week!! So awesome! Elder Uchtdorf, Elder Bednar, and Elder Soares.  Elder Uchtdorf's was a devotional broadcast from Provo to all the international MTCs. It was so so good, he told us about what it means to be a successful missionary, and it was great to hear. Focus on the things you can control; ie your thoughts and actions, and the rest will sort itself out.  
Elder Bednar's was a video from Christmas 2011 we just watched, so we didn't 'really' hear from him, but it was by far the most powerful for me. Among mannnny other things, he suggested everyone go get a paperback copy of the Book of Mormon, and read it, solely focused on one question, whatever you want it to be. A good one to start, he said, was What is the character of Christ? So the next day Elder Thorne and I went to the tienda, and I bought a paperback Book of Mormon (English hahaa), and started doing just that. It's been awesome! That's a great idea, and I can honestly see myself doing this until I die you know. I'm on page 80 lolol we have so much study time. 
Now for the Main Event, Tuesday Elder Ulisses Soares came to the CCMM!! And just like with ELder Uchtdorf, they broadcast it ot all the MTCs. He said soo many good things, and my favorite was this metaphor he gave. Many major shipping companies use huge boats to ship tons and tons of things at a time across the ocean, and many of those boats from Asia and other places come into port in Portland (hahahahahah). One problem these boats have is they're weighed down by tons of barnacles that collect on them, making them heavier, slower, and less fuel-efficient. Cleaning these giant boats takes a lot of time, money, and the boats lose on shipping because they have to be docked during this cleaning. To avoid this,  ships routinely ocme in port in Portland, and go aways upriver, into the freshwater. What would take time and money to do is done for free by the river, because the barnacles can't live in freshwater. If we have 'barnanacacacles' weighing us down, what do we do? Do we let them take up our time, efforts, and other energy or do make efforts to remove them and free ourselves. An Elder in my district also made this comparison: You can't get rid of the barnacles in the same environment in which they got on. So what are we gonna do to get them off. Great talk, there were so many other great things from each of their talks, andI was so blessed to hear from all of them. 
ALSO on Tuesday, momentous occasion, the other Elder Andreasen arrived in Mexico! I saw him and it made me so happy. I've missed him. Also he had a bunch of stuff for me too, but you know whatever hahahhahahhah Thanks, Ammon (mom and dad)
Funny story time! Not so much funny, a little violent maybe a tiny bit gross. So I don't remember if I've sent a picture of our room, but I think I have. So my bed is right across from our bathroom door, and in front of the bathroom door there's a little stopper for the door, so it doesn't hit our dressers and stuff. But this thing is tiny tiny tiny, you can barely see it. I've stepped on it a few times, and it's hurt. But Monday night, we were all in bed, 10:30, exactly on time (#exactobedienceforthewinjajajajaja) and Elder McAvoy had to go to the bathroom later. As he walked out of the bathroom door, I heard this sound as he stubbed his toe SO hard. I could just see his silhouette in the darkness, bent over in pain. Not to be mean, but it was soooo funny, just because all the lights were out, and he was trying his best not to make any sounds hahaha. He was fine though. but YESterday,, we were getting changed for our service time, and the SAME exACt thing happened. I'm so sorry Elder McAvoy. But this time, I looked and his pinky toe was actually cut, and half his nail flew off. It was kind of gross actually, but still really funny. Sorry Elder McAvoy. 
Last funny thing: How many times do you think my district and I quoted Enchanted last week. I Have no idea, but it was double digits for sure. And then we spent the walk from our house to breakfast discussing the merits of different Disney movies and ranking them haha. I love it.
Let's see the highlight of my week really was the different Apostles speaking to us, that was so awesome. I'm so grateful for living prophets AND for the Book of Mormon. I love you guys 

Elder B. Andreasen 

(PS I'm gonna be an UNCLE!!) ahahhahahahah


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