November 7, 2019


Mexico MTC


Elder Thorne

Trim your Feeble Lamps my Brother

Buenos Dias! Such a big week I don't even know where to start! 
Let's play a game called "How many people went to Benjamin Franklin and are now in the CCM."   I flew in with my friends Elders Knight, Saint Gelais, and Burnes. When I got here I saw Elder Kempton the first day, soon after I saw Elders McLaws and Hamblin. (We're at 7 right now including me). One day in the comedor an Elder came up and tapped me on the shoulder, saying "Elder Andreasen?" in an oddly familiar voice. I didn't recognize who it was, so I looked at the tag and it said Elder Avarell!!! My best friend through all elementary school who moved to California in eighth grade!! And now we meet up years later, In Mexico! That was a wild experience (Alma 17;1-3). On Tuesday, My friend Elder Wormell got here, and the other day I saw Hermana Alexander! Next Tuesday Elder Andreasen will be here (Ammon) and that will be.. drum roll... 10 elders/hermanas I know here in the CCM. Wild stuff.
We went to the temple today! All in Spanish, that was really cool. What a great experience, I really appreciated it. In that same vein, we had a devotional broadcast from Provo with Elder Uchtdorf!! It was so awesome he talked about how to be a
successful missionary, I took almost three pages of notes, I think. So awesome. 
If you ever happen to be in Mexico for Dia de los Muertos, don't worry about all the gunshots at night. They're *cough cough* fireworks. Some of them. Maybe. Who knows. SOME of them were definitely gunshots. When you hear it at 2 am and then immediately sirens, you know you know. Lots of fun times here, but lots more spiritual times.
I can't even express how grateful I am for all the time I have to study the scriptures. Not read the scriptures, because I was doing that before, and it was nice, but really just study. It's awesome! So many things I've seen and learned from just reading the scriptures, it's amazing. 
Last thing. Yesterday (I think?) we were teaching our fake investigator, andwe taught her about the apostasy and then I asked her what a prophet was to introduce the concept and teach her about prophets, and out of the blue SHE asked ME, in Spanish of course, "Do we have prophets on the Earth today?" um huh uhadfk YEAH We sure do! I can't even express how great it felt to be able to tell her YES we have prophets, and I can't even explain it. Our lesson plan was to go from the apostasy to Joseph Smith and the Restoration, but instead we just went to President Nelson!! It was so good. 
I'm so grateful for the restored gospel and for prophets on the Earth today. I know God gives us prophets because He loves us, to lead us in his right way and make His will for us known. Follow the Prophet!!!
PS bonus points: who can find what hymn the heading is, and I'll write about it next week
Elder B. Andreasen


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