April 22, 2019


Moron, Argentina


Elder Pena

Giant Chocolate Eggs

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From: Benjamin Layton Affleck <>
Date: Mon, Apr 22, 2019 at 9:31 AM
Subject: Giant Chocolate Eggs

This week was awesome!! It was fun teaching all the Argentines that you don't have to stop eating meat on the semana santa....everybody is really confused about that because of Catholicism here! Hahaha!   But, we had some awesome things go down this week! Three of our great friends were able to take advantage this week of the atonement of Jesus Christ and be washed clean of all impurities. They're super capos!! In the photo with Agustina and Morena, their mom, Karina, is currently waiting on her marriage to come back (here you have to wait a month to get married) then she and her husband will also be getting baptized as soon as it comes back. He works literally a ton, so he wasn't able to go to the baptism. But he's a super cool guy!!And Matias is a super capo, he came to know of the gospel through his wife, who was an inactive member that we reactivated! He's now got his mind set on the temple and baptizing his sisters!! Oh, and I really don't remember if these are a thing in the US, but here it's a tradition to give giant chocolate easter eggs filled with goodies inside, so the whole thing is edible!! I was gonna send a picture of one but I don't have the patience and I ate it too fast ;) 
Love you all!!Elder Affleck 

1 Morena, Agustina, and Karina plus Martinita and Santino2 Agustinas smile coming out of the font :)3 Guess which one is getting baptized and which one is baptizing!!


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