December 17, 2018


Rivadavia, Argentina


Elder Perez

(Nunca Te Rindas, Alza La Vista) Never Give Up, Look Up to Christ

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Date: Mon, Dec 17, 2018 at 9:03 AM
Subject: (Nunca Te Rindas, Alza La Vista) Never Give Up, Look Up to Christ

Hey people how are yall doing? This week was pretty darn fun, but we couldnt work at all in our area becuase we had a ton of divisions kind of frustrating. First we had a weird division that lasted three days starting last monday and ending on wednesday. Then on thursday(Pday) we had to travel to Ramos Mejia for this choir that the mission has put together and thats fun cause I get to see Elder Burk(Braden) and Elder Fenn(Bryson) every time we rehearse. And then after that we had to travel to Lujan on Saturday to perform for an Open House out there and a Christmas party. So we basically had friday in our area to work, but it wasnt too bad, at least we had people come to church with us on Sunday, which isn´t great but its not terrible for having one day in the area haha
Just wanted to share with yall one of my favorite scriptures--Credit to Elder Kinghorn for showing it to me about a year ago. Proverbs 24:16 ¨For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief.¨ Just remember my friends, righteousness is not to be perfect, but to repent. We´re all sinners, but keep getting up again, never give up, look to Christ. Remember ¨it´s not about how hard you can hit, it´s about how hard you can get hit and keep on coming¨. -Rocky Balboa
As one of my favorite people and fast food restaurants always say: Stay Fresh
Love you all,Elder Affleck
1 Oops...a year and a half late2 and 3 When you have to do a service in the church...this was in a closet from probably a decade ago hahahah

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